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 Loctional information


Defiance, North America



The NeedWant is a bar and brothel in Defiance.


The NeedWant has a large Digba tree inside its main area. ("Pilot") There are a number of rooms upstairs. ("Pilot", "The Devil In The Dark", "Brothers In Arms")




The NeedWant was opened by Hunter Bell some time before 2039 as a hotel and bar. In 2039 a number of renovations were taking place. Bell was approached by Nicolette Riordon and Dr. Meh Yewll after he had witnessed a medical exam on Nicky that showed she was not Human and Nicky killed Bell. Bartender Jered Kikema entered and saw what had happened, and Nicky got his help in hiding Bell's body in a wall. With Bell gone, ownership passed to his wife, Kenya Rosewater. ("The Bride Wore Black") Kenya turned the place into a brothel and bar, tending to a Digba tree that grew inside, she painted the walls, and taught herself to sew to make some curtains. ("Pilot") During a bachelor party for Alak Tarr, a wall was broken open and the body of Hunter Bell was found. ("The Bride Wore Black")

After Kenya disappeared, Amanda Rosewater took over running the NeedWant. Bailey Riggs came to work here as a bartender. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah") A market bazaar was set up inside the NeedWant during the harsh winter in 2048. ("The Last Unicorns", "Dead Air") Two soldiers of Rahm Tak's came into the NeedWant to take hostages as Bebe, disguised as a Human, was inside. After Tak spoke to Amanda via hologram, and ordered the hostages killed, Bebe helped take them down to ingratiate himself. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You")