Neo Votanis Front

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The Neo Votanis Front are a splinter group of Dark Matter.




Following the death of Nim Shondu, Dark Matter fractured down the middle, half of them becoming the Neo Votanis Front, led by Commander Torvul Meng, while the other half was brought back into the Votanis Collective, led by Captain Enar. ("Main Mission:Dark Metamorphosis: Dark Shadows") At some point the group was infected by the Shrill, possibly after setting up a lab in the Monterey Peninsula Aquarium to produce Shrill weaponry. ("Main Mission:Operation Siren Song") They began producing Shrill weapons to release onto Paradise and Silicon Valley but were intercepted by an ark hunter working with Dark Matter. ("Main Mission:Dark Metamorphosis: Dark Shadows", "Main Mission:Dark Metamorphosis: Shrill Hunt") The ark hunter infiltrated the facility at the aquarium and took out its defenses, allowing Earth Republic forces to attack and destroy the facility. What remained of the NVF scattered. ("Main Mission:Operation Siren Song")