New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World

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New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World is an article from the Defiance News dated August 9, 2014.


The publishing world is abuzz with anticipation over next week’s release of the first major book chronicling the events leading up to the destruction of the Votanis System.

Lillian Everland, famed author of such books as "The Bravery Nine," has spent the last year interviewing alien survivors of the disaster that claimed their home. In the following excerpt, Ms. Everland describes the doubt, panic, and chaos that occurred when the aliens learned their star system was about to be wiped out by a stellar collision. In these pages, you’ll read about those last desperate days – as engineers raced to build the lifeboats, as neighbor fought neighbor for a place aboard them, and as families were torn apart, saying their last goodbyes to loved ones they would never see again.

It was hundreds of years before the exodus when Indogene scientists made their fateful discovery. The other alien races greeted their announcement with doubt and skepticism. This had to be a mistake. How could something so unexpected and rare wipe out all life in their star system? Slowly but surely, they were forced to come to grips with the truth. People started to worry, and they looked to their leaders for help. At first, their pleas fell on deaf ears. Nobody was willing to commit the enormous resources necessary to build the proposed Ark fleet. But as time went on and the fateful day approached, Votan leaders were forced to face reality.

Excerpt of a speech by Kumbak Iro, Skabolo of the Shirivanáwo: "My fellow Castithans... now is not the time for fear. Rather, it is time for us to come together as one people, and to show the other races our strength and resiliency in the face of the inevitable. We are a civilization that has overcome tremendous obstacles in our rich history, and there is no reason to believe that this cannot be another one of those times. Many of you will be asked to sacrifice in ways that may seem unfathomable to you. But with the blessings of Rayetso, we will conquer this great terror, and the Castithan people… ahem, I mean the Votan people... will endure."

Construction on the fleet commenced immediately, as the Votan races finally owned up to the fact that their time was running out. However, rumors began to spread that the Arks wouldn’t be able to carry the entire Votan population. Fresh panic gripped the five planets, until their governments stepped in and tried to organize. Each race had its own process to determine who went and who stayed. For Castithans, only members of the race’s higher castes – or liros – were selected to make the voyage (Of course, some members of the lower liros managed to find their way onboard, gambling and bartering for passage, or even stowing away). For Irathients, tribal combat and religious trials determined the strongest and most deserving of a berth. The Indogenes, those bald-headed wonders of pragmatism, politely agreed that the best and brightest of their species should survive. Some of the less politically-connected races like the Sensoth, Liberata and Gulanee found it unfair that a disproportionately high percentage of the other races would be allowed passage. Families were torn apart. Many were forced to leave behind their most prized possessions. And some elected to remain on their dying homeworld, rather than face an uncertain future on some strange, unknown planet.