New Chicago

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New Chicago

 Loctional information


North America



New Chicago is a city in North America.


Originally the city known as just Chicago. John Paul Bullock lived here after being discharged by the Earth Military Coalition. ("Portrait of a Killer") After Arkfall and the terraforming, groups of pioneers began working in this city. ("Your Future Awaits!") The city exists in a perpetual winter caused by the Terraforming. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 13") The Alakta cult had members here. ("Episode Mission:A Miner Cult") Camden Pace lived in this city when she received word that Amelio Rodriguez had been killed. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Communications Breakdown") Daigo lived in this city and communicated with his followers across North America. ("The Searcher") Stahma Tarr lied to Kenya Rosewater that she was fleeing to Chicago. ("Everything Is Broken") Daigo moved his family to this city at some point. Joshua Nolan came to find Daigo, forcing him to reveal what he knew about Irisa Nyira's location before he killed him. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah")