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This is the page for the Ark Hunter Chronicles episode. You may be looking for the Stratocarrier, see EMS New Freedom.
New Freedom

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February 19, 2013





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New Freedom is the first episode of the Ark Hunter Chronicles.


Three Ark Hunters in the Bay Area watch as the EMS New Freedom flies past them. The VBI Ark Hunter activates a device on her wrist signaling that the zone is secure. Suddenly the New Freedom is hit by an energy pulse and crashes into a mountain. Three months earlier, at the Bolinas Smeltery, several Ark Hunters are battling with the Ninety-Niners and trying to steal Gulanite. All of the other Ark Hunters are killed but two remain - Drifter, a male Human using a sniper rifle to take out the enemies and Begbie, an Irathient male using an Assault Rifle. Begbie grabs a large piece of Gulanite as Drifter raises his weapon.


Assault Rifle, Bay Area, Bolinas Smeltery, EMS New Freedom, Gulanite, Human, Irathient, Ninety-Niners, Stratocarrier, Von Bach Industries


  • The EGO codes "JJD6N5" and "3Q6VZN" are seen in this episode.