New York City

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New York City

 Loctional information


United States of America



New York City was a city in the United States of America.


The city was mostly surrounded by ocean. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem")



Rahm Tak lived and studied in New York some time after arriving on Earth. ("The World We Seize") After the Siege of Manhattan in 2025, New York was controlled by the Votanis Collective until it was taken back by the Earth Military Coalition several years later. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 9") On January 5, 2030 explosions were seen in the sky above New York. ("Arkfall") Connor Lang moved to New York and was shortly afterwards followed by Niles Pottinger. ("Put The Damage On") The Earth Republic's proposed Mag-Lev train's end point is New York City. [1] In 2047, the Kaziri sent Terra-spires into the sky above the city and began terraforming the city. ("All Things Must Pass") Within hours the city was replaced with an Irath jungle filled with alien creatures. ("I Almost Prayed", "Inside Defiance: Episode 24") Many refugees managed to escape the city. ("Dead Air")