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Nicolette Riordon

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Fionnula Flanagan

"Nicky treated me like an equal. She had a way of making you feel like you were the most important person in the room."
- Amanda Rosewater - Past Is Prologue

Nicolette "Nicky" Riordon was a female Indo-sapiens and the former mayor of Defiance.


Nicky was surgically modified to appear as Human, even with red blood, in order to infiltrate Earth organizations in search of the Kaziri, supposedly for the benefit of everyone, not just Votans. She worked with Solomon Birch and later Dr. Meh Yewll. ("The Bride Wore Black", "Good Bye Blue Sky", "Everything Is Broken") Nicky began working for the Earth Republic as a low-level clerk where she met Colonel Galen Marsh. She attempted to convince Marsh to send an expedition to St. Louis to locate the Kaziri, telling people that she was going in order to restore the Gateway Arch, as a symbol of "resiliency of life on Earth". ("Earth Republic Confidential Communiqué") Marsh didn't believe her but kept tabs on her since. ("History of the Gateway Arch in Defiance", "Everything Is Broken", "Inside Defiance: Episode 12") Nicky met Rafe McCawley who had set up a mining operation in the area and the two often argued, but soon Rafe began an affair with Nicky. ("History of the Gateway Arch in Defiance", "If I Ever Leave This World Alive")

In 2037 Nicky helped found the town of Defiance and was elected as its first mayor. ("History of the Gateway Arch in Defiance") She, with help from Datak Tarr obtained old-world Lithium to treat the bi-polar disorder of Pilar McCawley but it eventually stopped working. Pilar attempted to poison her children and Nicky had to stop Rafe from killing her. The event led to their affair ending and Pilar being sent away; the McCawley children were told that she had died. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive") Around 2039 Hunter Bell saw Yewll examining Nicky and realized she wasn't human. He attempted to blackmail them but instead Nicky struck him over the head and killed him. She got Jered Kikema, the bartender, to help her seal his remains in a wall. ("The Bride Wore Black") Over the years Nicky began working with Ben Daris to assist in the search for the Kaziri. ("Pilot") When Amanda Rosewater began working at the Darby Building as a cleaner, Nicky admired her work and brought her on as an assistant ("Past Is Prologue")

Nicky soon developed Cancer and in 2046 stepped down as mayor and appointed Amanda as her successor. She had Ben recruit Luke McCawley to their cause, offering him money so he could get away from his father. Luke managed to find one of the Kelovan in the mines. ("Pilot") Knowing that the town needed to be cleared so the search could begin in earnest, Nicky hired a Volge army to come to the town and kill everyone there. She attended a ceremony for the Armistice Day celebrations before leaving town. The Volge army was however defeated, so Nicky had Birch enact the backup plan. ("Pilot") Birch sent Ben down to old St. Louis in order to destroy a nuclear reactor which would flood the town with radiation, but he was stopped before he could finish. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") When Nicky saw Quentin McCawley studying ancient symbols and geological records of the area she realized that he had also seen the cave drawings and had the Kelovan that Luke had found. Birch went to collect it but he never returned. ("Brothers In Arms")

Nicky came to the McCawley Residence during a Razor rain storm, saying that her Roller had died and she needed somewhere to wait out the storm. She cut her finger and smeared blood on a cushion, showing it to Rafe and getting him to confess to killing Birch. Nicky realized that Rafe would only admit that if he was protecting one of his children. She called out to Quentin to come and see her if he wanted to know what had really happened to his mother. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") Quentin came to see Nicky and she said she would reveal all if he handed over the Kelovan. When he did, she told him about the affair she had with his father, what had happened to his mother and where she could be found. She tried to recruit Yewll back into helping her but the doctor refused. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive") When Hunter Bell's body was found in 2046, Nicky killed Jered so she wouldn't be exposed. Yewll contacted her and Nicky assumed that they were going to work together again. Yewll instead paralyzed her before killing her and faking her death as a suicide over guilt from killing Bell and Jered. ("The Bride Wore Black")