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Niles Pottinger

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James Murray

"When I love someone, I become completely and utterly enthralled with them, their tragedies, everything."
- Niles Pottinger - Dead Air

Niles Pottinger was a male Human and the provisional mayor of Defiance.


Early life

Pottinger's father enjoyed wild west movies. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah") When he was 15 during the Pale Wars, he was sent to a boarding school in Devon to be safe. He met Connor Lang here and dveloped an infatuation with him, stealing his hair brush in order to collect the hairs. ("Beasts Of Burden", "Put The Damage On") One Sunday, forces of the Votanis Collective attacked and he and the other students were locked in the chapel for 11 days. During this time he was sexually abused by the VC forces. ("Beasts Of Burden") Connor lied to Pottinger and told him that everything was going to be okay. ("Put The Damage On") He fought in the Copenhagen Slaughter where he found the Bioman Churchill badly burned in Kongeaen Creek. He violated orders to transport Churchill to a med-post. ("This Woman's Work") After the war, he took Churchill on as a body guard and followed Connor to New York City. ("This Woman's Work", "Put The Damage On") He began stalking people close to Connor in order to get close to him. One night he followed Amanda Rosewater into Central Park and he attacked and raped her. ("Dead Air")

Provisional mayor

Shortly after Defiance was taken over by the Earth Republic, Pottinger was selected to be the provisional mayor, hoping it would lead to him taking over the ambassador position previously held by Connor Lang. He frequently made video announcements to the town and several times asked Amanda Rosewater to worked with him as an advisor. On Founder's Day in 2047 Viceroy Berto Mercado came to Defiance, and witnessed Josef and Hyatt Mirch graffitiing "Rise up, kill the E-Rep" on E-Rep banners. Mercado told Pottinger that losing Defiance would mean an end to his chances of an ambassador position, so Pottinger had Churchill let Josef and Hyatt escape in Hellbug country in order to kill them. When Josef survived and returned to Defiance, Amanda convinced him to pardon Josef and agreed to take on the advisor position. Pottinger later watched Amanda as she used Adreno, using hidden cameras he had installed in her room. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah")

Pottinger told Stahma Tarr that her Adreno business was to be shut down and had her send the rest of her supply to him. He met Joshua Nolan and after a Shrill Bomb was detonated in the market, he agreed to allow Nolan to find the bomber in exchange for allowing Irisa Nyira to be released. He went to Camp Reverie to see Meh Yewll and asked her about the hidden safe in her office. When she claimed to not know what he was talking about, he cut off one of her fingers to open the safe. He went to see Amanda, letting a sample of Adreno drop out in front of her and then thanked her for her discretion. Later he watched hidden camera footage from Amanda's room of her and Nolan having sex. ("In My Secret Life") Pottinger went to see Yewll after examining her work, giving her back her finger and offering to have her released if she worked for him. She convinced him to allow Datak to go free as well as her assistant. Amanda came to see him, telling him that she wasn't judging him for his Adreno use and he offered to share some with her. ("The Cord And The Ax") He had Yewll begin to make an Indo-sapiens duplicate of Kenya Rosewater as part of a plan to get Amanda to love him. ("Painted From Memory")

While transporting some mining equipment, and a small Von Bach Industries case with an EGO device inside, to Defiance, Pottinger was attacked by Raiders. One of the Raiders forced him to strip and kneel, then he urinated on Pottinger. He told Nolan to find the Raiders and the equipment, and angrily told Amanda to stick to advising him on policy not security. He later apologized to Amanda and told her that the attack brought up memories from the war. When the equipment was recovered, he still wanted the perpetrators caught. Amanda joined him to share some Adreno and she revealed that she had been raped in the past. When the person who stole the equipment turned out to be Josef Mirch and Rafe had shot and killed him, Pottinger punished Rafe by evicting him from his home. ("Beasts Of Burden", "Put The Damage On")

He had Yewll come when Amanda was stoned on Adreno and implant her with the EGO device. Unknown at the time was that it was defective and nanites escaped and infected both Yewll and Pottinger. When the device began forcing Amanda to suffer from hallucinations, she came to see Pottinger to ask if his Adreno was bad. When she went missing, Pottinger searched with Nolan and after Nolan accused him of drugging her to take advantage, he fired Nolan who refused stating that they were beyond that. Pottinger noticed someone familiar walk by and followed only to find Connor Lang; Pottinger realized he was hallucinating but Connor berated him for trying to take his life - following him to New York, trying to be with Amanda. Pottinger had Yewll remove the EGO device and wanted to know if they had collected all the memories they needed from Amanda. ("Put The Damage On")

Mercado sent Pottinger to claim Orbital Object 29-AL after it crashed near Defiance. After gaining access they discovered that a Gulanee aboard had been released and Pottinger ordered the troops to retreat however they had already been killed. He, Nolan and Churchill gathered supplies to make a Pulse Rebounder and take down the Gulanee. With time running out, he sent Churchill to take on the Gulanee, offering to take Churchill out for Pow ribs, chips and a few pints when they got back to Defiance, knowing that Churchill would not survive. The Gulanee killed Churchill and when the Pulse Rebounder trapped the Gulanee, Pottinger stopped Nolan from killing it and instead did it himself. Mercado blamed Pottinger for his failure and had him sent to the Dakota Reach as punishement. ("This Woman's Work")

Mercado recalled Pottinger who immediately went to see Yewll about their duplicate of Kenya being in town. He offered to Amanda to have Kenya sent to a clinic in New York to help her recover her memories but Amanda didn't want Kenya sent away. When the duplicate recovered some memories and confronted Yewll, Pottinger arrived as Yewll was telling her about Pottinger's plan. The duplicate escaped as did Yewll, so Pottinger blamed Yewll for creating Kenya to exploit Amanda's contact with high ranking E-Rep figures. ("Painted From Memory") Pottinger and Amanda took Ambassador Olfin Tennety on a tour of the mines, and when their was a collapse, he and Amanda became trapped and Tennety was killed. Pottinger said he was glad to not die alone and he kissed her. With air running out, Pottinger told Amanda to kill him so she could live long enough for rescue but she refused; luckily they were rescued in time. ("Bottom Of The World")

Pottinger learned from Raiga Suhon that Stahma had poisoned Kenya Rosewater so he had both her and Datak kidnapped. After cooking a meal for Amanda, Pottinger took her to the Tarr's and told them what he had learned, giving her a gun to meet out justice for herself. When she did not kill them, Pottinger apologized for putting her in that situation. ("All Things Must Pass") After New York was destroyed, Pottinger believed that the Votanis Collective was behind it despite Nolan telling him that it was Irisa being controlled by the Kaziri. Mercado sent Pottinger away after learning that he had allowed Irisa to be in the town. Yewll returned to town with a plan to stop the Kaziri and Amanda wanted to know why she had done what she had done. Despite Pottinger telling her to keep quiet, Yewll lied and said that Pottinger had made her into a double agent in the VC but she had been forced to make the Indo-sapiens Kenya. Pottinger later thanked her for the lie. When Nolan tried to stop Amanda from shooting Irisa, he and Pottinger fought but Nolan knocked him out. After Nolan's plan worked and the Kaziri was stopped, Pottinger and Amanda had sex. ("I Almost Prayed") Some time later, Pottinger and the E-Rep forces left Defiance. ("The World We Seize")

Station Arrowhead

Three months later, Pottinger went with Mercado and the E-Rep forces to New York to search for survivors. Encountering some refugees, they brought them along. Eventually Pottinger decided that he was to be in charge so he shot and killed Mercado. Some of the people tried to fight back but were also killed. Eventually they made it to Station Arrowhead where, to prevent anyone killing him, he had himself wired to a Deadman switch connected to a Singularity bomb, ensuring the destruction of the station in the event of his death. With four loyal Biomen at his back, he eventually ended up killing all but one of the refugees. In 2048 Amanda Rosewater and Joshua Nolan arrived and he sent some of the Biomen to bring them down. He agreed to hand over weapons and asked Amanda to remain with him in the station in exchange for all the weapons. Amanda took his weapon and forced him to show her the locked screening room where she found his collection of items, including Connor Lang's hat and coat, and recordings of her. He told her that he had killed the man who had raped her in New York but she knew that it had been him. He told her that killing him would destroy the station but she didn't believe him and killed him anyway. ("Dead Air")