Nim Shondu

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Nim Shondu

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Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness, Main Mission:Defiance, Data Recorder:They're Not Making Any Vaccine, Data Recorder:Casti Male - Doe, John, Data Recorder:Subject HM38

"He was a troubled person. Hateful. Vile. Even as a boy."
- Ara Shondu - Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness

Nim Shondu was a male Castithan, the brother of Ara Shondu and the leader of Dark Matter.


He grew up in the Tranquility community and was among those Votans who gave samples for the Tranquility Vaccine. He discovered that the Earth Military Coalition was not making a vaccine and became withdrawn, not even speaking to his sister. Dr. Alu Krulu was called in to talk to him and he revealed to her what he had learned. ("Data Recorder:They're Not Making Any Vaccine") During the Pale Wars, he killed 18 men at King's Creek using only his sword. ("Main Mission:Defiance") He and his unit was present at the Battle of Defiance and were believed to have been wiped out. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness") Nim ended up surviving, badly wounded and was found on the Revis Trail. He was treated by a Human doctor and when he regained consciousness was sickened to be touched by them and killed the doctor. ("Data Recorder:Casti Male - Doe, John") When he found a Human who had recovered a corrupted Terrasphere and tortured them to learn that they had bought it from a Liberata who found it in San Francisco. ("Data Recorder:Subject HM38")

In 2046 he returned to the Bay Area and began searching for arktech to allow him to activate the Terra-spire in San Francisco. He and his men confronted Jon Cooper, Torc Mok, Karl Von Bach and an ark hunter as they crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. He held Von Bach up by his throat and demanded the Ark-Core and Ark-Cell. As he was leaving Von Bach shot at him, but Nim was protected by a shield. He grabbed Von Bach by the neck again and threw him through a hole in the bridge. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness") As Dark Matter forces were assaulted, an ark hunter was sent after Nim, as they had an EGO device]]. They managed to defeat Nim and stop the Terra-spire. ("Main Mission:Defiance")