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"They are now more machine than man."
- Intel:The 99ers

The Ninety-Niners, also known as 99ers or Group MRN24C, are a group of cybernetic miners.



Their cybernetic implants allow for greater strength and power. ("Intel:The 99ers") Their implants are similar to those used by Indogene, so much that the Ninety-Niners will often not see Indogene as a threat. ("Main Mission:Something Wicked This Way Comes") They have a Cyborg memory core that records all of their operations. ("Episode Mission:Digging Up Miners") The have Aiming implants that assist in targeting. ("Contract:Longevity Connundrum") The implants are made from Vysudium which causes them to have aggressive behavior. ("Data Recorder:Faith") The implants show little tissue rejection. ("Contract:Rejection Enigma")


Ninety-Niners are often engaged in mining activities, constantly searching out more Gulanite. They will attack unprovoked anyone moving through their territory. ("Intel:The 99ers") They will seek out spare parts and scrap to aid in maintaining their implants. ("Side Mission:Taking the Wind Out of Sales", "Side Mission:One Person's Trash...") Niners will keep the most precious minerals they find in mineral pouches that they carry. ("Contract:Rust, Rocks, and Profit") They use Drilling vehicles to transport their cyborgs to other areas. ("Episode Mission:Digging Up Miners")



The members of the Muir Union Mining Company sacrificed their humanity in exchange for greater mining productivity, implanting themselves with cybernetic limbs and organs and eventually became the crazed 99ers. ("Intel:The 99ers") The Niners followed Clive Towers but after he disappered they followed Jackleg Joe. ("Episode Mission:A Miner Cult", "Episode Mission:Digging Up Miners") There exists some form of the Ninety-Niners in other places, such as Defiance. Some of those in Defiance collapsed a tunnel and killed six miners. ("Pilot") The Ninety-Niners had a supply of Gulanite at the Bolinas Smeltery where they were attacked and killed by some ark hunters. ("New Freedom") Begbie and Drifter went after some other Ninety-Niners and had to fight off the Motherlode. ("Risk Versus Reward", "Vanishing Commodities") The Ninety-Niners obtained an Ark-Cell, removing the tracking anode. ("Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery")

Jackleg Joe took the cell and incorporated it into his cybernetic implants. He was later killed and the cell was taken. ("Main Mission:A Bullet for a Badman") They worked on condensing raw gulanite to make it half the size. ("Side Mission:Half the Size, Twice the Profit") They worked on building a super compressor in Mine 99 and installed a Votan power source at Bolinas Smeltery. Their efforts were stopped by an ark hunter who shut down the power plant and wiped out the compressor data. ("Side Mission:Unstable Elements", "Side Mission:Essential Stabilization") In 2047 the miners began following the Castithan Kihako, who sent them to kidnap Irathients. ("Episode Mission:A Miner Cult") Dr. Eren Niden, who was not viewed as a threat by the cyborgs due to her implants, set up a trap for the assassin Nujekpe using the 99ers to provide her with cover and fight off the assassin. ("Main Mission:Possession: Missing in Action")