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Noah Grant

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Noah Grant - List of Appearances

"I will preface this message by stating that I am a career military man and my sole duty in life is to serve the Earth Republic. I do so by following whatever orders come down the pipe."
- Noah Grant - Data Recorder:Gut Check

Captain Noah Grant is a male Human, a member of the Earth Republic Army and the leader of the Black Hawks Ranger unit.


Early life

Grant has a son, Alex, who followed his father into the military. ("Island of Lost Soldiers") He joined the Black Hawks and eventually became the unit's commander. He was set to be promoted but turned it down to keep participating in combat missions. ("Loading screen")

Bay Area Expedition

He was chosen to lead the E-Rep troops on the Bay Area Expedition and command the EMS New Freedom on its journey. ("Main Mission:Recovery Mission") He had questioned about the expedition, believing E-Rep military presence in another territory could be seen as hostile. ("Data Recorder:Gut Check") When Karl Von Bach tried to order Grant's men around, Grant reminded him that he was aboard a military vessel. As they were approaching their destination, the New Freedom was struck by an energy blast and crashed into Mount Tam. ("Main Mission:Recovery Mission") Grant survived the crash, and began organizing the troops to rescue survivors and recover supplies. One of Von Bach's ark hunters arrived with Cass Ducar and Grant wanted her to tell him what she knew about the area. He sent the ark hunter to deal with some Mutants who were attacking the survivors. ("Main Mission:Chaos Reigns", "Main Mission:Sniper's Ridge")

Grant sent the ark hunter to help recover medical supplies to treat the injured survivors. ("Main Mission:Raid the Medicine Cabinet") Cass told Grant about the KTAM Radio Station which could be modified to help send a message back to New York City and he sent her and the ark hunter to take care of it. ("Main Mission:We're on the Air") Cass and the ark hunter found Von Bach and Grant told them to take him the safety of Lawkeeper Jon Cooper. ("Main Mission:Into the Depths")

He began sending his troops to move supplies into Paradise and further south. ("Side Mission:Without a Paddle") When Dark Matter took Von Bach's Ark-Core and was going to use it to reactivate a Terra-spire, Grant took the E-Rep troops to San Francisco and set up a base at the Overpass. He sent Cass and the ark hunter to set up a communications relay for the assault on Dark Matter. ("Main Mission:Pirate Radio") With the assault nearing, Grant sent the ark hunter to take control of Downtown. ("Main Mission:No Finer Place") Grant helped organize the assault on Dark Matter, sending troops to help hold Presidio Station and a reprogammed Dark Matter Monolith and Scrappers to distract their forces. ("Main Mission:Defiance") After the destruction of New York City and the crippling of the Earth Republic, Grant worked with Ara on establishing safe areas for refugees. ("Main Mission:Season 3: The First Expedition")

Neo Votanis Front

Grant received a message from Dark Matter, now led by Captain Enar and part of the Votanis Collective again, about wanting to get in touch with the ark hunter. Grant passed along the message but said that he didn't trust Dark Matter. ("Main Mission:Dark Metamorphosis: Dark Shadows") When the ark hunter was pinned down by Neo Votanis Front forces, Grant sent some troops to help out, stating that he had a gut feeling and had sent the troops early. ("Main Mission:Dark Metamorphosis: Emergency Extraction") He sent the ark hunter to the Monterey Peninsula Aquarium where the NVF had set up a lab, to take out the defenses and recover their research. When the ark hunter became trapped as the E-Rep artillery was incoming, Grant said that he was sorry; luckily Enar had sent a Dark Matter Dropship to collect the ark hunter. Afterwards, Grant said that he was skeptical about working with Dark Matter but was glad the mission was a success. ("Main Mission:Operation Siren Song")