Nolan Arch

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Nolan Arch

 Loctional information


Defiance, North America



The Nolan Arch is a monument in Defiance.


The original size of the Arch was 630 feet high and 630 feet wide. ("History of the Gateway Arch in Defiance") The Arch is currently only 300 feet tall. Only one of the elevators still works. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 23")


Originally known as St. Louis Gateway Arch, it was designed by architect Eero Saarinen and completed on October 28, 1965. The architect claimed it symbolized "the gateway to the West, the national expansion… and whatnot." Vice President Hubert Humphrey called it "a soaring curve in the sky that links the rich heritage of yesterday with the richer future of tomorrow." When the Pale Wars broke out, Votan shelling peeled away the stainless steel outer skin and pitted the concrete layer inside. The Arch survived Arkfall and during the Terraforming the Arch was thrust upwards to remain above ground as the rest of the city was covered over. Nicolette Riordon led an expedition to the area to repair the Arch, with the Arch renovation project, and met Rafe McCawley who she convinced to help. Nicky hired Indogene engineers to help strengthen the substructure. The outer metal layer was replaced which allowed it to function as a broadcast tower. A time capsule was discovered in the base containing the signatures of 1500 schoolchildren from the time of its completion; Human and Votans added the names of loved ones lost during the war to the capsule and it was sealed back inside. ("History of the Gateway Arch in Defiance", "Inside Defiance: Episode 7")

Alak Tarr runs Raider Radio from the Arch. ("The Serpent's Egg") Sukar, influenced by nanites from an Ark-Brain, used the radio transmitter in the Arch, and the metal structure of the Arch itself, to communicate with an Ark Module and direct it away from crashing into Defiance. He fought with Joshua Nolan and he was pushed through a hole, falling and landing on some scaffolding a few levels down. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") Christie Tarr threw Deirdre Lamb from the Arch after the two fought when Deirdre attempted to poison her. ("Doll Parts") General Rahm Tak ordered Datak and Stahma Tarr to blow up the Arch. ("The Broken Bough") A bomb was planted in the Arch which destroyed a large section of it. ("Dead Air") Some repairs were done to the Arch, with the original shape of the structure recreated with lights. The Arch was renamed after Joshua Nolan in honor of him risking his life to get the Omec away from Earth. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die")