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Olfin Tennety

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November 20, 2008



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The Serpent's Egg, If I Ever Leave This World Alive, Bottom Of The World, History Rhymes

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Jane McLean

Olfin Tennety was a female Human and an Earth Republic ambassador.


She was born in Des Moines, Illinois on November 20, 2008. She lived in Illinois until just before the Pale Wars when her family moved to New York City. She attended PS-762 until the Pale Wars began. During the war she apprenticed as a Nursing Assistant for the American Red Cross then with the Earth Military Coalition. [1] A year after Arkfall she made an announcement on TV about the war ending. ("History Rhymes") After the war she joined the Earth Republic and became an ambassador to the town of Cedars. [1] She sent a proposal to Amanda Rosewater, offering to replenish their antiviral meds along with the fuel rods for Votech weapons in exchange for a mutual securities package. ("Pilot") She married two men - Kaspar and Ziggy - supposedly after a night of drinking. Wanting to get Defiance under the Earth Republic, she set up a plan with Sy Preston to steal the money that Defiance had raised to pay for their section of the Mag-Lev and force them to turn to the E-Rep. She also planned for her two husbands to be killed as well. Arriving in Defiance with her husbands, they boarded the Land coach headed for Calexico which was attacked shortly afterwards. "Captured" by the bandits, she was used as bait to get Joshua Nolan to come out but Nolan won out in the end. With no other choice, Tennety pulled a gun on him, Amanda and Ziggy but was stopped by Rynn. Arrested by Defiance she was to be transported to Vegas Island Penal Colony but was instead let go by E-Rep officers. ("The Serpent's Egg")

She convinced her bosses that Amanda was a problem and if she was out of the way, Defiance would soon be under their control. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times") Tennety joined Colonel Galen Marsh in setting up a blockade at Defiance when Viral hemorrhagic fever broke out. She told Nolan and Connor Lang to head back when they came out to collect a vaccine which had been delivered nearby. She grew tired of them and was about to order the soldiers to force them back when Marsh overruled her and allowed them to head out. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive") She remarried two men - Cyrus and Jermaine. Tennety came to Defiance in 2047 as part of a tour of the McCawley Mines once it had mined over a million tons of Gulanite. She wanted Amanda to carry her bags, despite having a cast, so Pottinger took Tennety aside and told her that he had information on her crimes so maybe she should carry her own bags. During the tour, Tennety questioned Amanda's new job and offered her a position as a secetary in her office. An earthquake hit the mines, causing part of it to collapse. Tennety was hit in the head with a rock and killed. ("Bottom Of The World")