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Votanis System

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Omec was a planet in the Votanis System and the homeworld of the Omec and the Indogene.


The planet orbited Vysu and would come near the other planet every 76 years. ("The Last Unicorns")


Every 76 years when the planet came close to the other Votan worlds, the Omec would raid them in the Dread Harvest. ("The Last Unicorns") Eventually the Votans pushed the Omec back and the retreated to their homeworld. ("The Awakening") The Omec created the Indogene who later rebelled and left the planet. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 9") When the Volge came to the Votanis System they claimed the planet Omec and almost drove the Omec to extinction. ("Pursuit:Volge Vindication") In 3001 BCE, a rogue star collided with Sulos, destroying Omec and the entire Votanis System. ("World of 2046: Timeline of the Future", "Inside Defiance: Episode 19") }