Onulu Toruku

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Onulu Toruku

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March 18, 2023

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Votanis Collective

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Mentioned in Votans and Humans: Together at Last?, U.N. Grants Aliens Territory in Brazil, The Cast Against Assimilation and Breaking News / 18 March 2023

Onulu Toruku was a male Castithan and the Votanis Collective ambassador to the United Nations.


He was the father of Silora Voske and would take her camping to an area in Peru to give her an appreciation of Earth. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above") After the Votans arrived at Earth, he was chosen as spokesperson and remarked that he was glad and humbled to meet Humans and be welcomed by them. ("Votans and Humans: Together at Last?") In 2015 he was the Votan ambassador to the United Nations and lived in a secure compound on Earth. He remarked that the granting of land in Brazil for the Votans was a first step towards peaceful assimilation. ("U.N. Grants Aliens Territory in Brazil") On March 18, 2023 Toruku was shot three times by John Paul Bullock while leaving the U.N. headquarters and was taken to Mt. Sinai Medical Center for treatment but died just over an hour later. ("Breaking News / 18 March 2023")