Ostinato in White

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Ostinato in White is the ninth episode of Season 3 of Defiance.


A dead Indogene is found in town, Yewll discovers that it is a clone of her and she heads out to find out what the Omec are doing. The town holds a memorial for the militia members and Nolan blames himself for their deaths.



Amandar, Bagra, Bissel Pass, Castithan, Cat, Cerebral source print, Christie Tarr, Control stem, Darby Building, Defiance, Defiance Clinic, Defiance Lawkeeper's office, Dread Harvest, Gateway Arch, Hailer, Hubler's Bakery, Human, Indogene, Indojisnen, Irathient, Jessie, Kastíthanu, Kinuk'aaz, Liberata, Liro, Lucy, Lucy (Human), Luke Tarr, McCawley Mines, McCawley Residence, Omec, Omec Drone, Prayer of Emptiness, Protoform, Raccoon, Rafe McCawley, Rahm Tak, Ranikar, Rayetso, Roller, Sabre wolf, Scrip, St. Louis, Stasis Net, Tarr Residence, Tsuroz, Votan, Votanis Collective


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  • The EGO code for this episode was "UNITY". It awarded 50 Arkforge.