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"Thundering herds of pow gliding across green fertile valleys. Powerful machines driving deep into rich veins of silver and gulanite. Land soaked with petrohol. Miles and miles of safe off-road fun. Friendly Earthkind hospitality. Family living."
- Data Recorder:Move to Paradise!

Paradise, also known as Paradise Territory, is an independent community located in the Bay Area.


The community comprises of the territories of Madera, Marin and Sausalito. There is an abundance of Gulanite, Silver and Petrohol in the area. ("Loading screen", "Data Recorder:Move to Paradise!")


Paradise was founded in 2035, with Varus Soleptor helping found it. Ara Shondu was appointed as Frontier Ambassador to the community and has become its political representative. ("Loading screen") Ara asked both Jon Cooper and Torc Mok to serve as Lawkeepers but Torc refused and Cooper took the job. ("Data Recorder:Meeting with Jon and Torc", "Data Recorder:Jon Sworn In... Finally") Ara entered into negotiations, along with Jarisa Indur Darti of Yosemite Valley, to get the Earth Republic Mag-Lev connected to their communities. ("Data Recorder:Mag-lev Negotiations Continue") Ara asked the people of Paradise to enact rationing on grain and petrohol after Eastshore Docks was taken over by Raiders. ("Intel:Resource Rationing")