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Pilar McCawley

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May 18, 1995

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Linda Hamilton

Pilar McCawley is a female Human, the wife of Rafe McCawley and mother of Luke, Quentin and Christie


She was born on May 18, 1995. ("Pilot") Pilar and Rafe married shortly after the Votans arrived on Earth. They had children during the Pale Wars. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 22") She developed bi-polar disorder but during the Pale Wars they stopped making the medicine she needed. Rafe, with help from Nicolette Riordon and Datak Tarr obtained old-world Lithium to help Pilar, but over the years the medicine stopped working. One morning, she tried to feed her children rat poison but was caught by Rafe. Nicky stopped him from harming her and, in order to protect the children, they sent her to Mendocino. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive") Rafe told everyone that she had died on October 8, 2037 and a fake grave was set up near Defiance. ("Pilot") She ended up in a Votan monastery where she was treated badly. She was found by Quentin who offered to do some jobs for the Votanis Collective in exchange for her freedom. In 2047, she was released and returned to Defiance. Learning that Rafe had taken the blame for an attack that Quentin enacted, Pilar told her son that the was an idiot and hadn't tricked Rafe into it. ("Bottom Of The World")

Pilar went to see Rafe at Camp Reverie where he mentioned that he never told the children what she had tried to do but said that she had been killed by Raiders. She asked Rafe if she could kiss him and he agreed. He asked her if she was better now and she told him that she was. She went to see Christie finally, and asked if she could hug her and Christie threw herself into her mothers arms. ("All Things Must Pass") She spoke to Stahma Tarr about Christie and Alak coming to live with her for a while, but Stahma refused. She told Stahma and Datak Tarr that she remembers that they used to be nothing and that she was not afraid of them like others in the town. She told Datak that Stahma once performed oral sex on Rafe. Pilar asked Christie and Alak if they really wanted to remain in Defiance under Earth Republic control and lied about a Church of Harmony collective that would welcome their mixed race child more than the E-Reps. She let slip that Datak had moved back into the Tarr Residence and later Christie and Alak agreed to see this collective. When about to leave, Terraspheres were seen in the sky and Alak said they should wait to see if it was safe to travel. Pilar and Quentin kidnapped Christie and Alak and took them from the town. ("I Almost Prayed")

She had Christie and Alak chained up and after Christie gave birth, she helped look after the baby, Luke. She later left the house with Alak to gather supplies when they heard gunshots from the house and returned to peer through the window and see Stahma killing Christie. ("The World We Seize") They went back to the house after the VC death squad left to find Rafe and Christie dead side by side. Rafe was still alive and told Alak to leave this place with the baby, who had been hidden away. Pilar killed two people to take their home and supplies and told Alak that she would do anything to protect her grandchild. During the night when Alak was asleep, she took Luke and left. ("The Last Unicorns") She found Joshua Nolan and Irisa Nyira being attacked by VC soldiers and she rescued them. She told them she had found Luke, who she called "Bear". Nolan gave her a gun which she later tried to use to kill them but Nolan had disabled it as he had worked out who she really was. The pair handcuffed her and took Luke, planning to collect her later and take her back to Defiance. She managed to escape and attacked Nolan, wanting to take back Luke. Nolan shot her but believed that she may have survived. ("The Broken Bough")