Pilgrims of the Guiding Light

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"Come to us and we will guide you to accept the gifts of the ark."
- Acolyte - Main Mission:Pilgrims: The Valley of Silicon

The Pilgrims of the Guiding Light are a group that worships LOCI.


The Pilgrims of higher levels are implanted with LOCI EGO devices. The Pilgrims hold beliefs that include being delivered from the "great deceiver" who created a land of false promises. The Kaziri was this deceiver. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: Pilgrim's Progress", "Main Mission:Aftermath: Until the Arks Rise") Yargad Gorhash is depicted as a light-bringer who leads them to LOCI. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: Pilgrim's Progress")



The Pilgrims were founded by Yargad Gorhash. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: Pilgrim's Progress") When Charlie was infected by The Grid they worked to purge his body of their influence and remarked that it was a shame that the Grid constructs had to die and that the unfaithful should not disturb their righteous work. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: The Valley of Silicon") When the assassin Nujekpe was after Eren Niden, the Pilgrims offered a chance for her to join their enlightenment and no longer fear death as she would rise again. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: Pilgrim's Progress")