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Pol Madis

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Brothers In Arms

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Daniel Kash

"He's a weapon designer... The weapon designer."
- Joshua Nolan - Brothers In Arms

Pol Madis was a male Castithan and a weapons designer.


Madis worked on creating weapons since the start of the Pale Wars, conducting experiments that created new and deadly weaponry, one such experiment resulted in him getting a large burn scar on his face. He was responsible for creating Drop-blasts and their Cold-fire variants as well as Kemotrax, poison gas, other biological weapons and hijacked the Santa Fe Express. The Votanis Collective officially disavowed Madis at the Pale Wars Armistice, causing him to go on the run. He ended up working for Karl Von Bach as one of his chief engineers before he escaped with highly sensitive corporate secrets; The Earth Republic put out bountie for Madis after this. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 6", "Brothers In Arms") In 2046 he was in Cedars and spoke to a VC operative there before being forced to flee when Eddie Braddock came after him. He went to Defiance where Braddock caught up to him, so Madis dropped a Drop-blast to escape. He was however caught by Joshua Nolan and imprisoned. A wound of his was treated by Dr. Meh Yewll, who Madis recognized, complemented her work and then asked for help in escaping. He later saw some Strafing powder dropped into his cell which he used to escape the cell. He went to see Datak Tarr, cooking a meal of Bulgur ashkan, which he slipped a Nanotab into, allowing him to cause pain to Datak and force him to help Madis escape. While fleeing, they were confronted by Nolan and Braddock. Madis revealed that he was hoping to get to the VC who would offer him more for his work and that the Earth Republic had no intention of executing him but making him work for them. Nolan shot Madis dead to prevent him from ever making weapons again. ("Brothers In Arms")