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"Protoform is infinitely mutable. It has many applications that are beneficial to Omec physiology."
- T'evgin - The Last Unicorns

Protoform is a material that makes up Indogene skin.


The material is a synthetic protein. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 3") The epidermis of Indogene can be used to heal Omec wounds. ("The Last Unicorns")


The Omec developed this material as a food source after they were forced back to their homeworld by the Votan races. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 3") To heal Kindzi, and ensure a Gulanite deal with T'evgin, Joshua Nolan and Amanda Rosewater cut off a piece of Meh Yewll's skin. T'evgin used it to heal Kindzi's wound. ("The Last Unicorns") Yewll said that an Omec could be healed with some Protoform and some TLC. ("The Awakening")