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Rafe McCawley

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Graham Greene

"Your father put the well-being of his child before his own, the same thing he did when he sent me away. He did what was necessary."
- Pilar McCawley - Bottom Of The World

Rafe McCawley was a male Human, the father of Luke, Quentin and Christie and the former owner of McCawley Mines.


Early life

Rafe was raised by a tough-as-nails father who owned McCawley's Dog chow. When young he wanted to be a photographer of sports and maybe some bikini models. ("Explore the Town: Rafe McCawley", "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") He met and married Pilar McCawley at some point and they had three children - Luke, Quentin and Christie. ("Pilot") Before the Pale Wars Rafe used to take Luke to Golden's near Jefferson Park. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") When the Pale Wars began, Rafe disobeyed his father's wishes and joined the Earth Military Coalition. He worked for the EMC Engineering Corps for a short while during the war. Following the war, Rafe took his family back to the ruins of St. Louis and set up a small mining operation after he gave up on his dream of being a photographer; finding it too depressing photographing the land that had been changed. He met Nicolette Riordon during this time who had come to the area to repair the Gateway Arch. ("Explore the Town: Rafe McCawley")

Rafe purchased some land from Boyd Bowen and Dalton Taggert. ("The Devil In The Dark") Rafe's mines soon hit a massive vein of Gulanite and shortly afterwards the town of Defiance began. ("History of the Gateway Arch in Defiance") He stopped Hunter Bell from beating Datak Tarr, telling Datak that he believed that Bell was planning to take control of his mines. ("The Bride Wore Black") At some point Rafe began an affair with Nicky. The bi-polar disorder that Pilar had began to get worse so Rafe got help from Nicky and Datak to obtain medication for her but this eventually stopped working as well. Rafe discovered Pilar one morning trying to feed rat poison to the children and had to be stopped by Nicky from shooting her. With no options left, Rafe had Pilar sent away and told everyone that she had died. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")

Family business

On Armistice Day 2046, Rafe was interrupted at home by Amanda Rosewater and Lawkeeper Garret Clancy who informed him that Luke had been found dead. Quentin revealed that Luke had fought with Alak Tarr a few hours earlier and Rafe took off to find him. Confronting Alak at the NeedWant, Rafe was stopped by Joshua Nolan and Irisa Nyira. He learned from Christie that Alak was innocent as the two of them had been together at the time. Enraged, Rafe tried to attack but in the scuffle Lawkeeper Clancy was shot and killed. Nolan offered to find who had killed Luke and Rafe agreed to pay him 20,000 Scrip. Nolan examined the crime scene and found some Indogene blood, which led to Ben Daris. When Nolan and Amanda gave chase to Ben, Rafe shot at his Roller and badly injured him. Nolan stopped Rafe from killing Ben and they learned that a Volge army was on its way to attack. Rafe joined in with the defense of the town. ("Pilot")

Rafe wanted Christie to call off her engagement with Alak, but she refused. Quentin called him out on this, saying that Christie has never done anything wrong but the second she does, he turns against her but wouldn't do that with Luke. He told his father that Luke was obviously up to something as he was meeting Ben Daris alone. Rafe learned that Ben had escaped and went down into the mines so he led Nolan and some of his men down there to find him. Nolan again stopped Rafe from killing Ben, who revealed that Luke was working with him to get money to get away from Rafe before he grabbed Rafe's hand holding the gun and pulled the trigger on himself. Returning to town, Rafe went with Nolan to the Lawkeeper's office to provide backup against Datak and his men. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go")

Christie came home with the Tarr family and told him how Christie had been attacked by Hellbug Skitterlings; Stahma Tarr told Rafe that Alak had fended them off. It was discovered that someone had targeted Christie to get to Rafe and that Boyd Bowen and Dalton Taggert had already been killed. Rafe helped Nolan, Irisa and Tommy Lasalle go through his records to find a link. With information that the land he had purchased being stolen from Irathient settlers, he deeded the land to their descendants and in turn it was leased back to him. ("The Devil In The Dark") As part of the town council, Rafe agreed to buy weapons from the Votanis Collective to help protect the town. Rafe searched Luke's room and found a strange artefact hidden there. He shut down the L-7 mine shaft that Luke had been working and was questioned why from Quentin as he was going to take that mine shaft over. Quentin thought his father didn't trust him and was going to leave but revealed what he had found in Luke's room. The two of them went to the bottom of the L-7 and found strange items and cave drawings. ("A Well Respected Man")

Quentin told his father that Nicky had seen him researching the cave drawings and knew about them. Rafe told Quentin to destroy the strange artefact. ("Brothers In Arms") During a Razor rain storm, Nicky came to the McCawley Residence to wait it out. Nicky later revealed she came to find out what had happened to Solomon Birch who had come to the house to search through Luke's things but never came back. Quentin told his father that he found Birch inside and after a fight, he had killed him and destroyed the body. Nicky found some blood upstairs and confronted Rafe who said that he had killed Birch but Nicky realized he was protecting Quentin. She revealed that the blood had actually come from her finger and she called out to Quentin asking if he wanted the truth of what happened to Pilar. Rafe choked Nicky before throwing her out. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")

When Commander Gordon McClintock was brought to town, Nolan and Amanda brought him to Rafe's as it was a reminder of the time he knew. The four of them shared drinks into the night and Rafe had them all stay the night. During the night, McClintock attacked Amanda and had to be pulled off. He was later revealed to be an Indo-sapiens copy and escaped. Rafe found him in the mines and told him that just because he was a copy with the real McClintock's memories didn't mean he wasn't himself and that he had been given another chance at life. Rafe let him go free but told everyone else that he had jumped into Lake Nothing and died. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times")

Viral hemorrhagic fever broke out in Defiance, Rafe agreed that the Irathients, who carried the disease but didn't get sick, should be quarantined. He took some of his men to get them and Irisa ended up kicking him off of a roof. Christie became infected and very sick and Datak offered some of his personal supply of painkillers for her to use. Quentin found out what had happened to his mother, argued with his father and ended up leaving. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive") When he learned that the Tarr's wanted Christie to wear a Telo at the wedding, which covered her face, Rafe was against it. He told Datak that he feared tainting his children and potential grandchildren with the stolen land he owned, so he had created a trust stating that it would be given back to the Irathient descendants upon his death. After Alak said that his father was pressuring him to stop the wedding, Rafe asked if he really loved Christie and that was all that mattered. Datak approached Rafe after he had been accused of killing Hunter Bell, thinking that Rafe had been the one who did it. He attended his daughters wedding. ("The Bride Wore Black")

When a Castithan was killed by Nolan during a prank pulled on Amanda during a mayoral debate, Rafe stood by Amanda's decision to keep Nolan on as a Lawkeeper. After Datak went on the radio and revealed Nolan's involvement in the Yosemite Massacre, Rafe realized that the prank had been set up by Datak. He had his men grab Alak and beat him for being a part of it, telling him that if he acted in a manner unworthy of his daughter, he would end his life. ("Past Is Prologue") When Datak won the election and became mayor, the Earth Republic seized control of the mines and detained Rafe when he tried to stop them. He was rescued by Nolan, Tommy and Rynn and he helped them rescue Irisa from the E-Rep. During their escape, Rafe was shot in the arm but he told Nolan to leave him and get Irisa out. ("Everything Is Broken")

Just a Miner

Rafe lost control of his mines, but provisional mayor Niles Pottinger allowed Rafe to remain in town with his daughter and in his home despite him shooting at E-Rep soldiers. When Rupert Mirch died in a mining accident, Rafe remarked how it was E-Rep's fault, which caused Josef and Hyatt Mirch to graffiti some E-Rep banners. Rafe tried to convinced Pottinger to let them go but Pottinger said that Rafe was on thin ice if he continued to try to get people to turn against the E-Rep. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah") When Joshua Nolan returned to Defiance, he came to the mines and saw Rafe who helped him track down who had taken a container of Shrill spores from the mines. ("In My Secret Life")

Rafe was preparing dinner when Stahma and Alak were coming over, Stahma was able to smell that Christie was pregnant and Rafe was joyed to learn he was going to be a grandpa. He told Alak that if the rumors he heard about Alak being involved in his father's business were true, then he needed to stop. When Bertie went missing, Rafe went to see Nolan. He and Nolan later found Bertie with Irisa, who claimed to have found her in the woods. ("The Cord And The Ax") Rafe came home to find Josef bringing stolen mining equipment into his house. He hit Josef and chastised him for taking part in an attack on E-Rep forces. Nolan came by and arrested Jose but Rafe asked him to let Josef go as he had helped Nolan rescue Irisa. Rafe got a land coach ticket for Josef but he fled. When he kidnapped Jessica Rainier, Rafe went with Nolan to stop him. He got Josef out and told him that he needed to run but while he fled, Rafe shot him dead. Pottinger presented Rafe with an eviction notice for his part in it all. ("Beasts Of Burden")

He moved into the Tarr Residence and was approached by Stahma while he bathed who said that she knew that he had Alak beaten the year before but assured him that she was the one running the family business now. When Datak came to the house to perform an atonement ritual, he was annoyed that Rafe was there and Rafe mentioned that he had borrowed Datak's slippers. While enjoying a meal, Rafe was approached by Datak who told him that he was in contact with the Votanis Collective about obtaining weapons to force the E-Rep out of town. Rafe said that he was interested. ("Put The Damage On") He went to see some advanced technology that Datak had obtained and when Stahma came by, Rafe suggested inviting Datak over for dinner. ("This Woman's Work")

Datak asked for Rafe's help to dispose of Jalina's body after she had been killed, in order to prevent Datak from being accused of it. He joined Datak to search for clue as to who had killed her and they went to check out Lambert who had obtained Castithan corneas. He led them to Dr. Otto Scheck who they detained and Rafe stopped him from killing the man, but Datak instead gouged out his eyes. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes") Quentin returned to town and Rafe asked him if he had found Pilar. Quentin said that he had and that she had been mistreated by the Votan monks. Rafe said he had to make a choice to save Pilar or the children and he didn't have the guts to kill Pilar. ("Painted From Memory")

After a collapse at the mines, Rafe was brought in to help with the rescue effort. When Nolan found a Votan Trembler in the mines, he asked Rafe if he knew anything about it. Rafe asked Quentin to help him move the weapons he had been stockpiling and realized that Quentin had stolen the Trembler. Quentin knocked him out and alerted the E-Rep. When questioned about the mine collapse, Rafe admitted to being the one behind it in order to protect Quentin. ("Bottom Of The World") Rafe was visited by Pilar who claimed to be all better now and she asked him if she could kiss her. ("All Things Must Pass") When a number of Terraspheres were seen in the sky, many of the prisoners rioted so the E-Rep guards began executing all of the prisoners. Captain Jessica Rainier arrived and tried to stop them but was knocked down and forced to join the prisoners. As they were about to executed, Datak and Stahma arrived and killed the guards. They took Rafe and told him that Pilar had kidnapped Christie and Alak. ("I Almost Prayed")

Searching for family

Rafe, Datak and Stahma searched for months until they went to an old house once owned by Pilar's family and found their children and were able to catch a glimpse of their grandchild. A Votanis Collective death squad found their Roller, so Datak and Stahma pretended that Rafe was their bounty. He was chained up outside until the death squad found the children. Quentin came out to speak to General Rahm Tak who said he didn't know who Quentin was and shot him dead. Enraged, Rafe escaped, killed a soldier and took his gun. Running through the house, shooting more soldiers he got to Christie before he was gunned down. ("The World We Seize") He survived for some time later when Pilar and Alak returned and he was able to see his grandchild. He told Alak to forget what had happened here and make sure to love his child as much as he loved Christie before he died. ("The Last Unicorns")