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Rahm Tak

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Lee Tergesen

General Rahm Tak, also known as The Beast, was a male Castithan and military figure in the Votanis Collective.


After arriving on Earth, Tak lived and studied in New York City where he learned a lot about Humans. ("The Last Unicorns") He was at the Yosemite Massacre and saw a waterfall run red with Votan blood. ("The Broken Bough") He married the Irathient Volubela and they had children together. ("Where the Apples Fell") He later obtained the title "The Beast" and in 2048 was leading a unit into North America to scout but decided to begin killing humans and destroy the town of Defiance. ("Where the Apples Fell") He met Datak and Stahma Tarr when they came into his camp with a prisoner, Rafe McCawley. When they found more humans in a house nearby, he met Quentin McCawley who told him that he had worked for the Collective as a spy. Tak said that the name didn't ring a bell before executing Quentin. When Christie Tarr was found inside, Tak forced Stahma to kill her or he would kill Datak. ("The World We Seize") Tak said he was going to send Datak back to Defiance to be his spy and Stahma tried to convince him to let her go as well but he refused. When his forces found Alak Tarr, Tak allowed Datak and Stahma to infiltrate his tent before stopping them. He agreed to let them both go and showed them that he had Alak to force them to not work against him. ("The Last Unicorns")

He learned that the Lawkeeper of Defiance was coming to their camp and asked Alak about him. Learning that it was Joshua Nolan, Tak said he looked forward to seeing him. Irisa Nyira was caught in camp and Tak called out to Nolan, threatening to kill her. When Nolan shot some of Tak's soldiers and Irisa put a knife to his throat, Tak said that he was ready to die but was surprised when Irisa hesitated. After Nolan and Irisa destroyed the Net cutter, Tak wanted revenge so he ordered Datak and Stahma to destroy the Gateway Arch. ("The Broken Bough") He recorded a message to be played via Hologram for Defiance after the Arch was destroyed. When he was informed that there were Omec in Defiance and that they had a ship in orbit, he had Bebe send Datak and Stahma a message to kill the Omec T'evgin. ("Dead Air") Conrad Von Bach came to the camp to sell weapons and Tak brought him in and shared some wine. He later told Lt. Bebe and Geeze that he was the most disgusting human he had ever met. He later saw Alak unattended and asked where Sagyan was. Alak said he had begged for a break and when Tak asked Alak if he had to scrub his privates to get the human smell off, Alak attacked him. Alak slashed Tak's hand and escaped, getting into a roller and driving off. ("History Rhymes")

A rider came into camp and Tak was surprised to see it was his wife. After the two had sex, she told him that Vice Chancellor Silora Voske had sent her after learning that he was killing humans, offering him a chance to stop and come home. Tak, however, killed Volubela and told his soldiers that she was a spy and told them to prepare for the attack on Defiance. ("Where the Apples Fell") His soldiers placed a VBI Hologram device in Defiance, allowing him to talk to Amanda Rosewater and offer a deal for all the humans to leave town and he would take Defiance. When she refused, he ordered his soldiers to shoot the hostages. A short time later he was informed that Datak Tarr was approaching the camp and he allowed him in. Datak had Defiance surrender terms which Tak rejected. When Datak asked to stay, Tak asked how he could ever trust him and Datak asked for his charge blade back to prove himself. Curious, Tak allowed it and watched as Datak cut off his left arm. Impressed by this action, Tak let him join on a probationary basis and allowed him a moment to himself. Celebrating and holding Datak's arm, he felt something inside the arm and turned to see the Stasis Net explode and a blast wash over the camp, killing everyone. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You")