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"The Raiders are a large inter-species horde of lawless scavengers and cannibals that terrorizes the outlands of the post-arkfall world."
- Intel:The Raiders

The Raiders are a large inter-species horde of lawless scavengers and cannibals.


Raiders are nomadic, preying and pillaging on frontier towns, killing and enslaving the people. They are emboldened by their vast numbers, drug addled delusions and willingness to follow whoever wants to lead them. ("Intel:The Raiders")



The Raiders are led by the infamous Gulanee crime lord, Dy'Dekuso. ("Loading screen") They worked in the West-Con Maze near the Storm Divide before moving along Route 99, burning Fresno and towns in the New Kansas territory. ("Data Recorder:Raiders on the Move") They arrived in the Bay Area where they ended up engaging Echelon, pushing them out of Madera. ("Intel:Southern Madera Sitrep") A deal was made with Dark Matter to sell them an Ark-Matrix they had stolen from Varus Soleptor. ("Intel:Mysterious Alliance", "Main Mission:Major Miner Rescue") Dark Matter offered more money to them to assault Iron Demon Ranch and steal an Ark-Core from Karl Von Bach, but the Raiders failed in the attempt. ("Main Mission:Collateral Damage Expected") When Dark Matter arrived to buy the matrix, they double crossed the Raiders and took it. ("Main Mission:Breaking into San Quentin")

When Echelon mercenaries and an ark hunter took out Ninety-Niners controlling Mill Valley Mines, the Raiders showed up to try to take control themselves, but they were stopped. ("Main Mission:Hostile Takeover") The Raiders took control of Seascape Farms and used EMC weapons to kill the farmers. ("Main Mission:Thorn In Their Side") They began setting up some Howitzers to try to attack Headlands Transit Depot but they were destroyed by an ark hunter. ("Main Mission:Explosive Interruption") The Raiders joined with some Dark Matter to assault Headlands but their attack was repelled. ("Main Mission:Strange Bedfellows") Jon Cooper, Torc Mok and an ark hunter went to Point Bonita Refinery and took out one of the Raiders local leaders, Santana Murphy. ("Main Mission:Cut Off the Head...") Cooper, Torc and the ark hunter went to Cronkhite Bunker where the Raiders had gained access and used the Nova-Strike Orbital Defense System to attack the EMS New Freedom. ("Main Mission:Seize the Day, Control the Future")

The Raiders engaged in stealing some shipments from Varus Soleptor and destroyed them. ("Episode Mission:A Milk Run", "Episode Mission:Hidden in Plain Sight") The Raiders hired some Biomen to guard their operations at Pirates Cove, but they were taken out by Joshua Nolan and the ark hunter. ("Episode Mission:Traffic Report")