Razor rain

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"..., you can expect sudden barrages of metal shrapnel, fragments of the dead ships floating in the Arkbelt."
- Joshua Nolan - Good Bye Blue Sky

Razor rain is an event where Ark debris breaks up into smaller pieces and hits the ground.


Occasionally smaller arkfall debris burns up in the atmosphere and showers as millions of superheated metal shards known as Razor rain. ("World of 2047: Technology", "Inside Defiance: Episode 7") The Storm Divide is frequented by razor rain. [1]


Razor rain hit Defiance in 2043 and killed a few people, as well as destroying property. ("Pilot") A Razor rain storm hit Defiance in 2046. A piece of shrapnel containing Ark-Brain nanites came down in this storm and hit Sukar, infecting him with the nanites. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") The 2046 Razor rain storm killed Billy Vance, Jeff Laidlaw, Kirk Cappello, Deborah Valera, Adrian Howell, Joanne Harwood, Madelaine Stewart, Ann Peipiri, Kitte Kolaria, Urs Dizakar, Jessica Skinner, Sarah Rawlins, Ken Pickett, Ken McDonald, Jason Hurst, Jessica Leslie, Paul Leonard, Brett Roach, Stephen Mark, Tucker Marolf, Lisette Rodriguez, Bear McCreary and Andina's mother. [2] ("Doll Parts") In 2047 a razor rain storm hit the area near The Shaming Rack. ("No Man", "The Searcher") An ark hunter outraced Earth Republic Rollers and a razor rain storm as they fled from Defiance. ("Mission 03: Outrun the Earth Republic") The Dodge Durango they drove was damaged in the storm. ("Mission 04: Shootout in a Votanis Camp")