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Rosa Rodriguez

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Rosa Rodriguez - List of Appearances

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Ali Hillis

"She is a genius, Mr. Karl."
- Eren Niden - Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery

Rosa Rodriguez is a female Human, a member of the Defiant Few and the owner and operator of Top-Notch Toolworks.


Early life

During the Pale Wars Rosa was moving around with her parents, Amelio and Anna. They were in Rainbow when her mother was killed. ("Data Recorder:Not My Best Hour") In 2030, she and her father were sheltering in The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco when members of the Iron Demons and the Ekaru Kome joined with them to defend them during the Battle of Defiance. ("Journal of Renee Kirby") They remained in the Bay Area after the battle and her father set up Top-Notch Toolworks. ("Data Recorder:We're Home") When Rosa befriended Joe Teach, her father warned her that he could not be trusted. ("Data Recorder:It's Your World") In 2036 Joe came to Top-Notch and attacked Rosa, and her father fought him off but Joe killed him. ("Main Mission:Something Wicked This Way Comes") Rosa was subjected to "therapy" from Dr. Vada Ilen for her grief and anger after her father was killed. ("Data Recorder:Subject RR24F - Session 3")

Relics of Defiance

At some point Rosa became involved with Dr. Eren Niden who began working at Top-Notch as well. Karl Von Bach and one of his ark hunters was sent to Rosa for help in locating an Ark-Cell that was in the area. She was able to track its tracking anode and point Von Bach's ark hunter in the right direction. ("Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery") When Echelon mercenaries were found to be involved, Rosa figured whoever hired them had the cell. ("Main Mission:Distress Call") When Eren went to see if rumors of the return of Jackleg Joe were true, wanting to protect Rosa, she became trapped by Ninety-Niners. Rosa got help from the ark hunter to rescue her and learned that Joe had returned to Dogtown Mine. ("Main Mission:Something Wicked This Way Comes")

She went with the ark hunter to Dogtown Mine and fought through the 99ers to Joe. After a battle, she fired a final shot that ended him. She remarked that she hoped she would feel different. ("Main Mission:A Bullet for a Badman") Rosa came up with the idea of hacking a disabled Dark Matter Monolith at Alamo Park and taking control of it. She sent the ark hunter in to take out Dark Matter forces and allow her access to the consoles. She managed to gain control and attacked the last of Dark Matter in the area. ("Main Mission:Rosa's New Toy") During the final assault on Dark Matter, Rosa controlled the monolith to help draw away their forces. ("Main Mission:Defiance")


Nolan came to see Rosa about getting data from a Cyborg memory core. ("Episode Mission:Digging Up Miners") He forced her to stop her other work to help him. ("Intel:A Friendly Warning") Rosa got the ark hunter to help with establishing communications with Camden Pace, an old friend from Fort Defiance. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Communications Breakdown") Pace told Rosa that she was forming the Defiant Few and asked for Rosa's help with technology and support. ("Intel:Let's Call Them Heroes") After Eren helped purge an EGO device from Cass Ducar, Von Bach contacted Rosa to tell her that a bounty had been placed out on Eren and he offered them protection if they came to him. She refused. ("Intel:Happy Returns")

Rosa spoke with a member of the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light who offered to protect Eren from the assassin Nujekpe. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: Pilgrim's Progress") Rosa sent the ark hunter to locate Eren who had began to set a trap to take down the assassin Nujekpe. She met the ark hunter at Mine 99 to help defend Eren and stop Nujekpe. ("Main Mission:Possession: Missing in Action") She sent the ark hunter to examine what Echelon had been stealing from around Silicon Valley and tried to get in contact with Camden to tell her what Melak Vor had been doing. ("Main Mission:Possession: Defiant Pursuit")