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Rynn - List of Appearances

Portrayed by

Tiio Horn

Rynn is a female Irathient and a member of the Spirit Riders.


She was born near Defiance and lived on some land with her father and mother. Two Humans - Dalton Taggert and Boyd Bowen - attempted to buy the land from her father but he was not interested. One day the two men came to the homestead, killed her parents and attempted to kill her but she managed to escape. She was found by Sukar and she told him that she didn't know who had killed her parents. ("The Devil In The Dark") In 2046 she and the other Spirit Riders came across an Arkfall and found Joshua Nolan and Irisa Nyira inside. She called Irisa Nolan's "pet" and asked if he feeds her treats. Later she told some of the other Spirit Riders to check out an energy signature and they came across a number of Volge. ("Pilot")

She began using Hellbug pheromones to direct a nest of Hellbugs to an abandoned mine near Defiance and use the Hellbugs to get revenge on Taggart and Bowen as well as Rafe McCawley who had purchased her family's land from them. Killing Taggart and Bowen, she intended to allow the Hellbug nest to overrun Defiance but was stopped when Irisa had a vision of what had happened to her and found where she was located. ("The Devil In The Dark") Rynn was sentenced to two years in Vegas Island Penal Colony and was being transported there aboard a Land coach when it was attacked by bandits. She was confused as to why Nolan put himself in harm's way for another person so when she managed to escape she returned to help Nolan, telling him that "A man who risks his life for another cannot be left to die." ("The Serpent's Egg")

Rynn made her way to the Bay Area where she was attacked by rogue Earth Republic soldiers who wanted her to work on controlling Hellbugs. ("Episode Mission:The Vagabond") She helped an ark hunter track down the soldiers to a bunker on Angel Island and the former Earth Military Coalition Project Piper. With help from the ark hunter and Dr. Eren Niden they destroyed Project Piper. ("Episode Mission:Paying the Piper") She soon after learned that Echelon mercenaries were looking for Nolan and said that it would be dishonorable to allow him to be hunted down by them after what he had done. After learning that Sukar had been injured, she decided to return to Defiance. ("Episode Mission:The Manhunt, Part 3")

Not long after arriving back near Defiance she found Irisa badly injured in the woods. ("Past Is Prologue") Rynn patched up Irisa and took her to the other Irathients. Echelon mercenaries arrived to look for Irisa but Rynn and the other didn't give her up, even when the Echelon commander started executing them. Rynn joined Nolan and Tommy Lasalle to go and get Irisa back from the mercenaries. ("Everything Is Broken") She began living near Cedars and met Mordecai Haipern who helped Irathients with their legal troubles. She came to Defiance where she met the Spirit Riders who told her that Sukar had gone missing. She went to see Irisa and introduced her to Cai after seeing that she had drawn him in her diary. While preparing to leave Defiance, she was kidnapped by Dr. Otto Scheck who removed one of her corneas. While he was preparing to remove the other, he was stopped and Rynn was saved. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes")