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"The Arkfall laid waste to the city of San Francisco, but it did not transform it into the wasteland you see today."
- Pursuit:San Francisco Exploration II

San Francisco is a region in the Bay Area.


San Francisco is located to the south of Sausalito. Access to the island is only available from the Golden Gate Bridge. The region is badly terraformed with sharp ridges and rocky terrain dominating the remains of the city. There are numerous hardy plants such as Blood Grass and the Stalked Crab Plant and pools of liquidized Gulanite. ("Side Mission:Exceptional Growth", "Side Mission:Pools of the North") The only inhabitants are Scrappers, Hellbugs and Mutants.



On January 5, 2030, during Arkfall and the terraforming, the city was hit by a tidal wave. ("Arkfall") The city separated from the rest of the peninsular it was located on, becoming an island. On December 25, 2030 what remained of most of the city was further destroyed during the Battle of Defiance when a Terra-spire was activated. ("Journal of Renee Kirby", "Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness") Dark Matter moved into the city to use the terra-spire located here and fought against Earth Republic soldiers, Echelon mercenaries and others; Dark Matter was defeated. ("Main Mission:Defiance") Neo Votanis Front forces brought Shrill weapons into the area to transport them further north. An ark hunter took out the NVF forces and destroyed the weapons. ("Main Mission:Dark Metamorphosis: Shrill Hunt")