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Season 1 is a 13-episode season of Defiance which began airing on April 15, 2013 and finished on July 8, 2013.



Joshua Nolan and his adopted Irathient daughter, Irisa, come to the mining community known as Defiance. After helping the town fend off a Volge attack, and losing their big payday in the process, they join the town's law enforcement. They deal with another attack against the town, Hellbug infestations, wanted war criminals, Razor rain storms, alien spies, a plague and continued attempts by the Earth Republic to gain control of the town. As a plot unfolds concerning the culprit behind the attacks, Irisa begins experiencing visions and the two events are connected with an ancient Votan secret.


Main characters

Recurring characters


Image Episode Name Episode No. Airdate Written by Directed by
"Pilot" 101 April 15, 2013 Rockne S. O'Bannon and Kevin Murphy & Michael Taylor Scott Stewart
Ark hunters Joshua Nolan and Irisa Nyira recover a windfall that sets them out for retirement but soon find themselves in the town of Defiance with little money to get away. When a local is murdered Nolan offers to help track down the killer and they learn that someone has hired a Volge army to attack the town and kill everyone there.
"Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go" 102 April 22, 2013 Kevin Murphy and Anupam Nigam Michael Nankin
Nolan and Irisa settle into town and come to odds with the local Castithans over a torturous ritual of a Castithan man. A criminal involved in the Volge attack escapes and Nolan heads underground to locate them before they set off another attack.
"The Devil In The Dark" 103 April 29, 2013 Michael Taylor Omar Madha
Two mysterious deaths in town are linked to Hellbug attacks. When more Hellbugs show up it is discovered that they are being directed towards certain people. Irisa begins having strange visions that lead to the person controlling the Helbugs.
"A Well Respected Man" 104 May 6, 2013 Craig Gore and Tim Walsh Michael Nankin
When Kenya and one of her employees are kidnapped and placed into a maze being chased by a Volge, Nolan and Amanda go in search. In order to locate the person who took them, a deal is made with Datak Tarr for help which puts him into a position on the town council.
"The Serpent's Egg" 105 May 13, 2013 David Weddle and Bradley Thompson Omar Madha
Nolan and Amanda head out of Defiance to deliver funds for the Mag-Lev train but the Land coach they are on is attacked by bandits. Irisa recognizes a visitor to the town and kidnaps him, wanting him to confess to being the one who tortured her as a child.
"Brothers In Arms" 106 May 20, 2013 Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer Andy Wolk
A Castithan man is arrested after setting off a bomb and Nolan runs into Eddie Braddock, an old war buddy, who is hunting this man, who is revealed to be one of the most wanted war criminals of the Pale Wars. When the man escapes, Nolan and Eddie work together to track him down.
"Good Bye Blue Sky" 107 June 3, 2013 Anupam Nigam and Amanda Alpert-Muscat Andy Wolk
A Razor rain storm hits Defiance, inflicting damage on the town. Sukar is killed in the storm but during a funerary ritual, he comes back to life, claiming to be on a holy mission from Irzu. He begins stealing things from town to build a transmitter.
"I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" 108 June 10, 2013 Clark Perry Allan Kroeker
Investigating a crashed Ark fragment near Defiance, the still-living Commander Gordon McClintock is found aboard, an astronaut who died before the Votans arrived. As he tries to settle into this new world, he begins experiencing strange memories and attempts to kill Amanda Rosewater.
"If I Ever Leave This World Alive" 109 June 17, 2013 Bryan Gracia Allan Kroeker
Viral hemorrhagic fever begins spreading through Defiance, affecting the human population. As the Irathients are quarantines against their will to prevent further spread, a supply of vaccine is delivered nearby but an Earth Republic blockade prevents anyone from going out to retrieve it.
"The Bride Wore Black" 110 June 24, 2013 Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer Todd Slavkin
Preparations begin for Alak and Christie's wedding, Datak declare the wedding to not go forward because Christie refuses Castithan traditions. The body of Hunter Bell, the former owner of the NeedWant and Kenya's husband, is found inside the walls of the NeedWant.
"Past Is Prologue" 111 July 1, 2013 Michael Taylor Michael Nankin
The election approaches and Amanda and Datak prepare for a public debate. During the event, a gun is pointed at Amanda and Nolan kills the shooter to learn that they only had a paintball gun. Yewl begins experimenting with the Kelovan which causes Irisa to begin experiencing paralysis.
"Everything Is Broken" 112 July 8, 2013 Kevin Murphy Michael Nankin
Datak wins the mayoral election and the Earth Republic immediately seizes control of the McCawley Mines. Irisa is captured by Echelon mercenaries and subjected to medical experiments to try to remove the Kelovan from her body.


The Defiance game featured several crossovers with Season 1. A number of minor mentions appear in various episode. The main stories are:


Season 1 features many original songs composed by Bear McCreary and performed by various artists. The songs are featured in the Season 1 soundtrack. Songs by other artists are featured in many episodes, listed below:

Song list


Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go

The Devil In The Dark

A Well Respected Man

  • The song Nico is listening to is "Royal Telephone" by Burl Ives.
  • The song played at the end of the episode is "Scarlet Town" by Bob Dylan.

The Serpent's Egg

Brothers In Arms

Good Bye Blue Sky

I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

If I Ever Leave This World Alive

  • The song Alak Tarr plays at the start of the episode is "We Were Sick" by The Thermals.
  • The song at the end of the episode is "Gone Again" by Bear McCreary and Brendan McCreary.

The Bride Wore Black

Past Is Prologue

  • The song at the beginning of the episode is "Flirting With Disaster" by Young Beautiful in a Hurry. It includes Votan lyrics in part of the song.
  • The song at the end of the episode is "Time After Time" by Raya Yarbrough.

Everything Is Broken