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Season 3 is a 13-episode season of Defiance which began airing on June 12, 2015 and finished on August 28, 2015.



A spaceship arrives in orbit of Earth and brings the Omec, ancient enemies of the Votans believed to have been wiped out with the Votanis System come down. Nolan and Irisa awaken to find themselves outside the town as General Rahm Tak of the Votanis Collective begins an assault on human settlements in North America following the collapse of the Earth Republic and sets his eyes on the town of Defiance.


Main characters

Recurring characters


Image Episode Name Episode No. Airdate Written by Directed by
"The World We Seize" 301 June 19, 2014 Kevin Murphy Michael Nankin
A ship arrives in orbit of Earth and brings the Omec, the seventh Votan race believed to have been extinct. Defiance is on its last legs with the mines shut down as a Votanis Collective death squad begins killing humans across North America.
"The Last Unicorns" 302 June 19, 2014 Kari Drake Michael Nankin
A deal is made with the Omec T'evgin for half of the Gulanite they mine in exchange for helping find his injured daughter. Datak and Stahma find themselves captives of the VC and forced to become spies against Defiance.
"The Broken Bough" 303 June 19, 2014 Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer Larry Shaw
Datak and Stahma return to Defiance with a story about escaping the VC death squad but losing Alak in the process. Nolan and Irisa head out to gather intelligence on the soldiers and are saved by Pilar McCawley.
"Dead Air" 304 June 26, 2014 Gregory Weidman and Geoff Tock Larry Shaw
The Arch is blown up and a hologram of Rahm Tak appears in town to tell the Votans that they are safe from him. Nolan and Amanda go to an abandoned EMC bunker to find weapons and run into a familiar face.
"History Rhymes" 305 July 3, 2014 Anupam Nigam Felix Alcala
Nolan and Irisa find themselves living out one another's memories and must come to terms with the bad things done in the past. Yewll comes up with a plan to save them but needs Omec tech to accomplish it.
"Where the Apples Fell" 306 July 10, 2014 Paula Yoo Felix Alcala
Datak and Stahma are exposed as spies and go on the run. Datak goes to Yewll for help as Stahma searches for hidden supplies. Rahm Tak's wife arrives at Tak's camp to offer him a chance to stop his war and come home.
"The Beauty of Our Weapons" 307 July 17, 2014 Manuel Figueroa and Jordan Heimer Mairzee Almas
Conrad Von Bach arrives in Defiance to sell the town weapons in their fight against Rahm Tak and makes an offer to Berlin. Nolan has to convince Irisa to join the militia to get others to join as well.
"My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You" 308 July 24, 2014 Kevin Murphy Mairzee Almas
Rahm Tak's soldiers tunnel into Defiance and attack. Nolan leads his militia through their tunnel but a spy takes out the militia members. A plan is developed to take out all the soldiers and Datak Tarr is the only one capable of making it work.
"Ostinato in White" 309 July 31, 2014 Bryan Q. Miller Allan Arkush
A dead Indogene is found in town, Yewll discovers that it is a clone of her and she heads out to find out what the Omec are doing. The town holds a memorial for the militia members and Nolan blames himself for their deaths.
"When Twilight Dims the Sky Above" 310 August 7, 2014 Brian Allen Alexander Allan Arkush
Vice Chancellor Silora Voske of the Votanis Collective arrives in Defiance and informs them that Rahm Tak was a rogue agent. She offers a deal for them brokering peace with the Omec as Nolan suspects a more nefarious plan.
"Of a Demon in My View" 311 August 14, 2014 Nick Mueller Thomas Burstyn
Nolan is rescued from VC capture by Kindzi who wants to make him her pet while she drains the blood from her father to prevent him from controlling her. Berlin finds Irisa and the two begin a search for Nolan as Amanda fakes Nolan and Irisa's deaths.
"The Awakening" 312 August 21, 2014 Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer Michael Nankin
Omec begin coming down to Earth to hunt and feed on Votan and Human alike and Nolan finds that Kindzi has become almost invincible since consuming her father's heart, as she leads the Omec to conquer Earth.
"Upon the March We Fittest Die" 313 August 28, 2014 Kevin Murphy Michael Nankin
The Omec begin raiding Defiance and taking people as food. A plan is developed to infiltrate their ship, overload the engines to wipe out the Omec and prevent them from taking control of Earth.


The Defiance game featured several crossovers with Season 3. A number of minor mentions appear in various episodes. The main stories are:

EGO Codes

Episode EGO Code Reward
The World We Seize/The Last Unicorns "THEBEAST" Title "The Beast" and 5 Hunter Requisitions
The Broken Bough "ARCH" Cyber Rig Supply Crate
Dead Air "RINGO" A-Tex Growler Blue/Purple
History Rhymes "CONRAD" Bribe chest with reputation points for Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises and Top-Notch Toolworks
Where the Apples Fell "ROGUE" Boost chest with an XP EGO Boost, a Reputation EGO Boose and a Score EGO Boost
The Beauty of Our Weapons "ALOEVERA" Omec Stun Rod
My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You "MILITIA" 3 Chip Pullers
Ostinato in White "UNITY" 50 Arkforge
When Twilight Dims the Sky Above "BUTCHER" Ark Alliance Terranaut headgear
Of a Demon in My View "TSUROZ" Bribe chest with 10 reputation points for Paradise Territory, Tarr Family and Defiant Few
The Awakening "ALLMOTHER" Boosts
Upon the March We Fittest Die "DEFIANCE" Omec Nano Fragger


Season 3 features some original songs composed by performed by various artists. There is no soundtrack for this season. Songs by other artists are featured in many episodes, listed below:

Song list

The Last Unicorns

The Broken Bough

Dead Air

History Rhymes

My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You

When Twilight Dims the Sky Above

Of a Demon in My View

The Awakening

Upon the March We Fittest Die