Shondu's Consulate

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Shondu's Consulate

 Loctional information


Madera, Bay Area



 Societal information

Controlled by

Ara Shondu

Shondu's Consulate is the home of Ara Shondu in Madera.


The home was originally owned by Dr. Vada Ilen when she was the Frontier Ambassador but passed to Ara when she took over the position. ("Data Recorder:My Lovely Predecessor") Jon Cooper brought Karl Von Bach here when he was looking for an Ark-Matrix. Varus Soleptor arrived and offered help if Von Bach's ark hunter would help him out. ("Main Mission:A Faustian Bargain") When Dark Matter ambushed Cooper, Torc Mok, Von Bach and the ark hunter at the Golden Gate Bridge and killed Von Bach, the others returned here to discuss it with Ara. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness") After Dark Matter had been stopped, Von Bach's Ark-Core that was taken back, sparked to life. ("Main Mission:Defiance")