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"This is not the first world we have brought peace to. Nor will it be the last."
- Shrill - Main Mission:Operation Siren Song

Shrill are an intelligent insect species.


Shrill eggs
Shrill Stalker

Shrill are extremely resilient and can survive in the vacuum of space. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 14") Shrill spores grow deep underground in dark areas. Shrill spores will burrow into their prey, killing them. ("In My Secret Life") A common saying is to call a person "Shrillmeat". ("The Opposite of Hallelujah") Shrill spores hatch from small eggs. ("The Broken Bough") Shrill are capable of taking control of other beings to some degree. ("Main Mission:Operation Siren Song") Shrill will often explode when killed, producing a hazardous material. Shrill produce an edible jelly. [1]



Shrill bomb kills

The Shrill have apparently been infecting and pacifying worlds across the galaxy. ("Main Mission:Operation Siren Song") Shrill spores embedded themselves into the Arks when they passed through a harmless asteroid belt and were introduced to Earth during Arkfall. The spores began to germinate beneath the ground. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 14") During the Pale Wars, shrill spores were used to make Shrill Bombs which were used to terrorize. Shrill spores are often found in the McCawley Mines where they are destroyed with Cold-fire weapons. Bradley Weddle took some spores from the mines and sold them to Skevur who used them to make two bombs, one which detonated in the market and killed three people. ("In My Secret Life") Joshua Nolan used Shrill to torture Mahsuvus Gorath to learn about a bomb placed in New York City. The shrill were directed to burrow through his arm. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem")

Shrill ate the food that Meh Yewll had when she was hiding in the St. Louis Union Station, forcing her to leave. ("All Things Must Pass") Shrill eggs were placed inside weapons that Datak Tarr brought into Defiance, which when placed into the Defiance Armory, hatched and the Shrill consumed all the weapons and ammunition inside. ("The Broken Bough") In 2049 the Shrill infected the Neo Votanis Front and began using them to splice their DNA with other animals and even Humans. This resulted in a number of new Shrill types. ("Main Mission:Operation Siren Song") They intended to use the NVF to deliver more of their kind around the world but many of their "shipments" were destroyed. ("Main Mission:Dark Metamorphosis: Dark Shadows", "Main Mission:Dark Metamorphosis: Shrill Hunt")