Shrill Bomb

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Shrill Bomb

 Technical information



"You only use shrill if you wanna terrorize. Make a statement."
- Amanda Rosewater - In My Secret Life

A Shrill Bomb is an explosive device that releases Shrill spores.


The bombs produces a small explosion that releases Shrill spores, which imbed themselves into people, slowly killing them. ("In My Secret Life")


Shrill Bombs were used during the Pale Wars to terrorize. In 2047 Skevur, mad that Stahma Tarr had him beaten, obtained some Shrill spores from Bradley Weddle, and built a bomb which he placed in the market. The bomb killed three people but not Stahma, so Skevur built another one and placed it under her car. Joshua Nolan disarmed this bomb before it went off. ("In My Secret Life")