Silora Voske

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Silora Voske

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When Twilight Dims the Sky Above

Silora Voske was a female Castithan and the Vice Chancellor of the Votanis Collective.


She was the daughter of Onulu Toruku and they used to go camping in Peru where he tried to get her to appreciate Earth as it was. After he was killed, she changed her name and went into hiding. By 2048 she had risen to the title of Vice Chancellor, and was considered a moderate politician. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above") When she learned that Rahm Tak had gone rogue and began killing Humans, she went his wife Volubela to offer him a deal to end his campaign and come home. He sent her head back stuck to the top of her bike. ("Where the Apples Fell") After Tak was killed, she led a convoy to Defiance where they found an injured Datak Tarr who told her that he would be welcomed in Defiance. She had him fitted with an expensive Indogene arm. Arriving in town she met with Amanda Rosewater and informed her that Tak was rogue and not representative of the Collective. She offered a mutual exchange package in exchange for Amanda helping her to establish peaceful relations with the Omec. At a reception that night, she met the Omec T'evgin but before anything further could be achieved, she was shot and killed by a hallucinating Joshua Nolan. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above")