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Stahma Tarr

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Jaime Murray

"You know, I've had my eye on the wrong snake. You're the dangerous one."
- Joshua Nolan - A Well Respected Man

Stahma Tarr is a female Castithan, the wife of Datak Tarr and mother of Alak Tarr.


Early life

Stahma was born on Casti to a Shanje Liro family. When young she got the nicest toys and clothes. ("Defiance Flipbooks") She began performing a kind of poetry and started to garner a following, until her father found out and put a stop to it. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") When it was almost time to board the Arks and leave the Votanis System, her father and mother found a man for her to marry. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") Stahma chose to bring her diary, her family gem and her grandmother's Telo with her aboard the Ark. ("The Bride Wore Black") After boarding, she met Datak and decided that he was the man that she wanted to marry. When her betrothed found out, he challenged Datak to a blood duel but he was accidentally flushed out of an airlock first, possibly by Stahma herself. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go", "Defiance Flipbooks")


In 2046 Stahma had married Datak, had a son called Alak and lived in Defiance. She was with her family at the Armistice Day celebrations and later said that she would speak to Alak about his activities as Datak felt it reflect badly on him. When Datak found out that Alak was in love with Christie McCawley, he wanted to put a stop to it but Stahma reminded him that should Alak and Christie marry she would be in a position to inherit the McCawley Mines from her rather, Rafe McCawley, which would allow them to control them. ("Pilot") When Christie was having doubts about marrying because of her father, Stahma went to see her, telling her how her parents had arranged a marriage for her but she instead wanted Datak. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go")

When Christie was attacked by a Hellbug Skitterling and fended it off from her and Alak, Stahma told Rafe that Alak had beaten it back instead. ("The Devil In The Dark") After Kenya Rosewater went missing, and Joshua Nolan and Amanda Rosewater came to Datak for information, Stahma approached Amanda and told her that they needed to show Datak respect to get his help. She recommended that Amanada let Datak join the town council to get his help. When Datak had joined the council, Nolan told Stahma that he now realized he should be keeping an eye on her instead of Datak; she called him sweet for saying so. ("A Well Respected Man")

Stahma went to see Kenya, asking her to "educate" Alak before his marriage to Christie. Kenya was humored by the idea, and Stahma felt shamed by her. Kenya asked for forgiveness and asked Stahma to join her for a drink. Kenya wanted to know why Stahma never did things just for herself and Stahma told her how he used to perform poetry on Casti. The two became close and ended up sleeping together; Stahma warned Kenya not to say anything as Datak would kill them both. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") Stahma ended up bathing on her own a few times but was caught by Datak when he returned after being refused service from Kenya. Stahma asked Kenya why she had refused him, and she replied she did it because she knew Stahma didn't like it when he was with other women. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times")

During an outbreak of Viral hemorrhagic fever, Stahma asked Amanda to put Datak in charge as Castithans were immune, but she refused. When Amanda fell ill, Stahma helped Datak take charge. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive") Before Alak and Christie's wedding, Stahma went to see Christie and gave her the family Telo to wear during the ceremony. When Datak wanted to call off the wedding after learning that Christie would not inherit the mines, Stahma told Datak that Alak loved her and it was best for them to be together. After hearing that she was hesitant to wear it, Stahma sewed an old world bridal veil for her to use instead and feigned surprise to Datak that Christie wasn't wearing the Telo. ("The Bride Wore Black")

She told Kenya that Datak was planning to kill Amanda so he would be running unopposed in the mayoral election, knowing that no such plan was in action. When it turned out to be a prank and Nolan accidentally killed the prankster, Kenya confronted Stahma about it. Kenya said she was going to tell Datak what was happening between them, but Stahma lied and said that Datak knew already and didn't care. She said that she loved Datak because of his cruelty. ("Past Is Prologue") During the election, Datak learned what Stahma had been doing and told her to kill Kenya. Stahma went to see Kenya and said that she was fleeing and wanted Kenya to join her. She put poison on the outside of a flask, giving it to Kenya, who assumed the contents were poisoned but touched the outside. As she began to die, Stahma held Kenya in her arms. Datak won the election but when Stahma went to see him, she found him standing over the body of Colonel Galen Marsh, whom Datak had killed. ("Everything Is Broken")

Family Business

Stahma went to the Bay Area to meet with Varus Soleptor to discuss a shipment. ("Episode Mission:A Milk Run") When the shipment was destroyed by Raiders, Stahma demanded a new one from Varus. She offered a job to an ark hunter. ("Episode Mission:Hidden in Plain Sight") Stahma went to see Datak in prison, telling him that Alak was doing well in running the business. When Alak allowed Skevur three more days to finish the Adreno he was making, Stahma told Raiga Suhon to beat Skevur instead and tell him to give back the money Alak had paid. When Alak confronted her over this, she said that again men had failed her and she needed to take control. She told Alak that she would be making all the decisions but he could keep his position. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah")

She was approached by Niles Pottinger in the market who told her that he wanted her Adreno busines shut down and told her to deliver the rest of the Adreno to him. While being driven around, she was suddenly pulled out of the car by Joshua Nolan who yelled that there was a Shrill Bomb under the car. When he disarmed it, Stahma kissed him on the cheek and welcomed him back to Defiance. Alak came to see her upon learning that Skevur had been the bomber and she told Alak that he needed to take care of Skevur now. ("In My Secret Life") Going to dinner with Christie and Rafe, Stahma almost immediately smelled that Christie was pregnant. When Alak went to visit Datak in prison, Stahma told him that they can't ever let Datak be released. Datak was able to be freed and returned to join them in a bath, where he tried to drown Stahma but stopped. ("The Cord And The Ax")

Stahma told Datak that she had raised profits and should be made a partner but he refused. She hired two E-Rep soldiers to intimidate Datak to try to get him thrown back into Reverie but he did not react as expected. When Datak put Alak's hand in a record press and badly burned it, Stahma had the crew beat him down and toss him into the street. She told Datak that he should have made him a partner. ("Beasts Of Burden") Stahma welcomed Rafe into her home after he had been evicted from his, and told him that she was the one running Datak's business. When Datak arrived and performed an atonement ritual, Stahma accepted it as it was tradition. ("Put The Damage On") Belutok Kurr told everyone that Stahma was behaving not as a woman should and she tried to convince him that the rumors of her running the business were wrong. She accused Datak of paying Belutok to come after her but he said that it was because of her actions alone. Amanda told her to speak to the other Castithan women and maybe would learn that they were also sick of being subservient to men. She had tea with Vanitso Kurr, Periko and Hazila but when Vanitso shot her down, Stahma prepared a special tea which poisoned the three women and she framed Belutok for their deaths. ("This Woman's Work")

When Jalina went missing, she approached Nolan about it. Datak came to see her later to tell her that someone had killed Jalina. She and Datak worked together to find those responsible and when Datak threatened the men, she told them to stop and that they needed to work together for Jalina. She made Datak promise her to make the person who killed Jalina suffer magnificently. After the culprit was dealt with, Stahma and Datak had a ceremony to say goodbye to Jalina. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes") After Mahsuvus Gorath was arrested as a spy, Stahma was interviewed as she had visited him in the past. She went to see Datak, telling him what was happening and the two ended up having sex. She left him with a weapon so he could kill Gorath before any information was obtained from him. Raiga told Stahma that the men would not accept reconciliation with Datak as he would kill them for their betrayal. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem")

After Kenya Rosewater came back to Defiance, Stahma approached her to learn she was suffering from memory loss. Stahma got Datak to help her find where she buried Kenya, finding her remains still located there. Stahma approached Amanda to tell her that she had learned that Kenya was dead and the person in Defiance was an imposter. Stahma later set up a gravestone at Kenya's grave. ("Painted From Memory") Stahma overheard Deirdre Lamb telling Alak that she was going to fight for him and knew she was trouble, so she asked Datak to take care of her; Datak refused so Stahma said she would do it herself. ("Bottom Of The World") When Deirdre was murdered Stahma believed Datak had been behind it but when a handmaiden found a bloodied microphone under Alak's bed and Alak was arrested as a main suspect, Stahma told Kirus, a dying man, that she could take on his daughter, Andina, as a handmaiden and convinced him to confess to the murder with the bloodied microphone to free Alak. When she went to see Datak and learned that he was not responsible for the murder, Stahma was surprised when she realized that Christie had done it. ("Doll Parts")

Stahma was kidnapped along with Datak by Pottinger after he learned that Stahma had killed Kenya. He brought Amanda to them and gave her a gun to meet out her own justice. Stahma told Amanda that she loved Kenya but Amanda said that it was only business for Kenya. Datak pleaded for Stahma's life and then asked that he be killed as well as he could not live without her. Amanda refused to kill either and they were released. Stahma thanked Datak for his words and they agreed to change a little bit for one another. Stahma however knew that the men would not allow Datak to come back so she supplied him with poisoned covered gloves which he used in an Ivali game to paralyze Raiga, Giemo and Stondak Tiralo. The pair then put them down a drain to die. ("All Things Must Pass") At home, Stahma was approached by Pilar McCawley who asked that Christie and Alak live with them for a time, but Stahma refused. When Christie and Alak found out that Datak had returned, they were angered and Stahma was mad at Datak when he made it worse. When Pilar kidnapped Alak and Christie, Stahma went with Datak to Camp Reverie to get Rafe. They arrived as the guards were about to execute Rafe and other prisoners, so Stahma and Datak shot them. They grabbed Rafe and headed out after their children. ("I Almost Prayed")

Searching for family

For months, the three of them avoided VC patrols while they searched for the children. In 2048 they managed to locate them and saw, at a distance, their grandchild. Returning to their Roller, they found a VC death squad and Datak and Stahma pretended that Rafe was their bounty. When the death squad found the children, Datak and Stahma were brought in and Christie told Stahma that they needed to get the soldiers out before they found their grandchild. General Rahm Tak told Stahma to kill Christie or else he would kill Datak. Christie presented herself to Stahma and Stahma used Datak's Charge blade to slit her throat. She asked Tak if they could leave as the stink of human death was offensive. ("The World We Seize") Tak was going to send Datak to Defiance as a spy and Stahma asked if she could go to to help keep Datak's anger in check. Tak said that he wanted to keep Stahma as incentive for Datak to do what he was ordered. To avenge Christie, Rafe and Quentin, Stahma and Datak were going to kill Tak when he brought out Alak and said that he would be sending both of them to Defiance now. ("The Last Unicorns")

Returning to Defiance and claiming to have escaped Tak's camp, Stahma set up a transmitter so they could get messages from Tak. She met the Omec T'evgin whom she impressed with her knowledge of Omec language and culture. She told him that she used to hate humans until she fell in love with one and offered to teach him more about human culture. She and Datak were brought their grandchild, Luke Tarr, that Nolan and Irisa had recovered. She and Datak received a message from Tak to destroy the Gateway Arch. ("The Broken Bough")

After they destroyed the Arch, Tak sent a message to them to kill T'evgin. Stahma was against it as it was too soon after the Arch and they could be caught. Stahma told Datak that she believed that Tak would never release Alak unharmed or alive. Datak still believed they should kill T'evgin so she concocted some poison to kill the Omec. She went to see T'evgin and told him that she had come to him to be "enchanted". During sex, she infected him using a needle but the poison had no effect. He later asked her why she had tried to poison him and she came clean about being forced by Tak. ("Dead Air") Stahma told Datak that she was going to try to convince T'evgin to kill Tak to save Alak but Datak said that they needed to try to kill the Omec again. She had sex with T'evgin again and tried to convince him to use his ship to threaten Tak but he said it was too risky. She later led him away from open areas as she knew that Datak was planning on shooting him. Back at home, Alak suddenly returned and took a knife to her throat. ("History Rhymes")

On the run

When Datak stopped him, Stahma told Alak that they had sacrificed a lot for him and that Christie accepted death to save their child. When Alak went to leave with luke, Stahma stopped him. Nolan arrived and Alak revealed that she and Datak were spies, causing them to flee. Stahma went to recover some supplies and was found by Deputy Enriquez who tried to arrest her, causing her to attack and stab him. While waiting for Datak, she saw him run from Nolan and Yewll indicated to her that she should go. She waited at the Darby Building and attempted to force Amanda to help her get out of town. Amanda attacked her and during their fight she was stabbed in the stomach. She escaped and went to T'evgin for help. ("Where the Apples Fell") Her wound healed, she learned that Datak had been sentenced to death. Kindzi told Stahma that when her father had tired of her, Kindzi would enjoy eating her. T'evgin arrived as Kindzi was attacking Stahma and forced her to apologize. Later Kindzi forced Stahma to eat an Omec Drone which helped transport Stahma up to the Tsuroz. ("The Beauty of Our Weapons")

Stahma saw hundreds of other Omec in stasis and Kindzi told her that they would soon awaken for a new Dread Harvest. She found herself back at the mines, having merely been shown a virtual ship instead and she asked T'evgin if it was true what she had been shown. T'evgin said it was the original plan but now he had decided that the Omec needed to co-exist with Votans and humans. Kindzi called him a traitor and left, and Stahma said that Kindzi would be a problem and needed to be stopped. T'evgin told her to remember her place as she was not Omec and not to threaten her daughter. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You")

T'evgin told her that Datak had sacrificed himself to save the town and had obtained a pardon for her, allowing her to go home. She arrived to find that someone had graffitied "Terrorist" on her door. Andina told her that Alak had moved into the McCawley Residence and kept a gun near the door in case Stahma came by. She began a period of mourning for Datak and performed the Prayer of Emptiness. ("Ostinato in White") T'evgin told Stahma he was going to take the Omec to Australia and asked her to join him. Datak arrived in town, having survived and been found by a Votanis Collective convoy led by Vice Chancellor Silora Voske. Reunited, the two had sex before Amanda and Voske arrived to get Stahma to invite T'evgin to a reception being held that night. He agreed to go with her and during it Kindzi arrived, causing T'evgin to tell her to go home and lock all the doors. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above") T'evgin didn't return so Datak hired men to protect Stahma. She asked Andina about Alak and Luke and she said that she would maybe be able to convince Alak to forgive her or bring the baby by without Alak knowing. Stahma was impressed with Andina's ambition about potentially becoming part of the Shanje Liro. ("Of a Demon in My View")

She told Nolan and Amanda that there were hundreds more Omec aboard the ship when their descent pods began being seen in the sky. With Datak missing, she went to Alak who was annoyed that she had put him and Luke in danger now. She left but was found by Kindzi who followed her back to Alak. When Kindzi heard Luke cry, she dragged Stahma into the room to watch her kill him. ("The Awakening") Datak arrived and pinned Kindzi to a wall, allowing the family to escape. When Datak was going to join a team to infiltrate the Tsuroz, she was against it. She helped look after people injured by Omec attacks and changing bandages. While changing a bandage on Amanda, Stahma mentioned that Amanda was the person she respected the most. When Omec raided the town and took Stahma, Amanda managed to get up and shoot at the Omec and save Stahma. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die")