Storm Divide

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"These changes have resulted in perpetually nasty weather patterns – everything from freak storms and blizzards to earthquakes and razor rain. Pockets of civilization still exist, but the harsh conditions forced most sane people to flee, leaving a sparse collection of criminals and hermits."
- 2046 Map

The Storm Divide is an area of North America.



The Storm Divide stretches from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River. [1] The eastern edge of the Storm Divide is located at the Badlands, around 100 clicks west from Defiance, but the town is considered to sit at the edge. ("Mission 02: Sneak through Defiance") The western edge is at Denver, near The Shaming Rack. ("Loose Ends Unravel", "History Rhymes") The Storm Divide is mostly uninhabitable due to freak storms, blizzards, earthquakes, and Razor rain. [1] A number of dangerous creatures live here. ("Your Future Awaits!") [1] The Volge spend most of their time in areas within the Storm Divide but will occasionally venture out. ("Data Recorder:Nasty War Machines") Turkeys adapted their migratory pattern to cross the Storm Divide, allowing them to move to the west coast. ("Thanksgiving On The New Frontier")

Known locations

Edge near Denver
Razor rain



During the Arkfall and Terraforming, the Storm Divide was formed, rendering a large area of North America uninhabitable. ("Your Future Awaits!") Some communities were formed in the area, but most people left. Some relay repeaters were set up to allow text communications to be sent across the continent, but it was not very reliable due to atmospheric conditions and radiation. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 9") In 2032 Rhett Warner made a deal with Cofer Gray to obtain access codes to a bunker hidden in the Storm Divide in exchange for him becoming part of Echelon. ("Data Recorder:Testing Senator Gray", "Data Recorder:A Chatterbox is a Treasure") In 2045 a large group of Raiders came out of the Storm Divide and invaded the Bay Area. ("Data Recorder:Raiders on the Move") The song Across the Storm Divide was written about crossing the Storm Divide to reach a lost love. ("Across the Storm Divide")

In 2047 Camden Pace obtained information that a radical Votan group, led by Melak Vor, was operating out of the Storm Divide and planning to set off bombs in populated areas. ("Mission 02: Sneak through Defiance") Camden got help from an ark hunter who she helped escape from Camp Reverie and sent them across the Storm Divide. When they accidentally destroyed their Dodge Durango's power plant, Camden said there was little to no chance of finding a replacement. ("Mission 04: Shootout in a Votanis Camp") Camden got help from Cass Ducar and another ark hunter in the Bay Area to help set up communications across the Storm Divide, creating the first reliable way to send messages across the continent. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: Anti-social Networking")