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T'evgin - List of Appearances

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Conrad Coates

"He's a prominent figure in Omec culture. Scientist, inventor, politician, and war hero."
- Bebe - Dead Air

T'evgin, full name: Eksu Tsuroz T'evgin, was a male Omec and the father of Kindzi.


T'evgin became a prominent figure in Omec culture, serving as a scientist, inventor, politician and war hero. ("Dead Air") He and Kindzi were among the last Omec, surviving aboard the Tsuroz. As per Omec traditions, the two did engage in sexual activity with one another. ("Where the Apples Fell") He and Kindzi were aboard the Tsuroz when it arrived at Earth and began shutting down due to being low in power. He and Kindzi detected Gulanite and took some descent pods down to the McCawley Mines. Using terraformers they burrowed down and found the remains of the Kaziri. When Kindzi found Joshua Nolan and Irisa Nyira in a Life pod, T'evgin stopped her from eating Nolan. After Nolan attacked them, he and Kindzi placed him and Irisa outside of Defiance. ("The World We Seize") He returned to the mines the next day to find Kindzi was gone and found some blood. He went to Defiance and demanded to know where his daughter was, speaking with Nolan and Amanda Rosewater, who offered a deal for half of the Gulanite that they were mining. After Kindzi escaped, T'evgin went with Nolan to find her. As her injuries were severe, T'evgin wanted to take some Protoform from Meh Yewll to heal her. Desperate for the gulanite, Nolan and Amanda held Yewll down and removed some of her skin which T'evgin used to heal Kindzi. As she recovered, he told her that they would soon awaken all the Omec aboard and begin a new Dread Harvest. ("The Last Unicorns")

He went into town to try some Sugarbread and met Stahma Tarr who had a fair understanding of Omec language. They pair talked and she asked what had happened to the other Omec, he told her how the Votanis Collective had sabotaged their ships and when Stahma asked if he sought vengeance, he replied that he could not afford it due to him and Kindzi being the last Omec. ("The Broken Bough") Stahma came to see T'evgin and they discussed Omec culture. When Stahma hummed the melody from the opera Harvest Nocturne, T'evgin asked her what she was really doing there and she told him that she had come to be "enchanted". He and Stahma had sex and during Stahma stuck him with a needle. He made her some Pancakes the next morning and asked her why she had tried to poison him. She admitted that Rahm Tak was forcing her to kill him as he had Alak Tarr as a hostage. He asked her if she was going to try to kill him again and she asked if it was even possible, to which he replied that it was not. ("Dead Air") He met with Stahma at the NeedWant and the two had sex. Stahma asked him if he would use the Tsuroz to scare Tak but he refused as it could put the ship at risk. He returned to Kindzi to learn that she had allowed Yewll to access their systems to use a drone to perform dual surgery and was angry that she had put them at risk. Kindzi said she had used the connection to take a Cerebral source print from Yewll. T'evgin said that it was too dangerous to make any Indogene and to destroy the source print. ("History Rhymes")

When Nolan came to him to ask to use his ships sensors to check on Tak's soldiers and try to find Datak Tarr and Stahma, T'evgin refused, stating that it was not his war. Nolan said that Tak would come for him next and T'evgin said that he would deal with that if it happened. Kindzi learned that T'evgin was sleeping with Stahma and said that she was disappointed that he had kept that from her. An injured Stahma soon after arrived and T'evgin took her inside. ("Where the Apples Fell") He healed her wounds and later told her that Datak had been captured and sentenced to death. When he returned and found Kindzi about to attack Stahma, he reminded her that he expected her to follow his commands and made her apologize to Stahma. ("The Beauty of Our Weapons") He went out for food and heard gunshots, finding a VC soldier about to kill a Human mother and her children, so he bit out the soldiers neck. He returned to find that Kindzi had shown Stahma the other Omec aboard the Tsuroz and when Stahma asked if he intended to begin a Dread Harvest but he said that he had seen many things on Earth which had convinced him to change his mind and his people must learn to co-exist. Kindzi spat in his face and left, causing Stahma to say that Kindzi was dangerous and needed to be taken care of if T'evgin was serious. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You")

He attended the memorial service for the Defiance militia members and learned that Datak had sacrificed himself for the town and obtained a pardon for Stahma. He accompanied Stahma back to her home and then sought out Nolan to ask if he had seen Kindzi. When he saw the remains of a dismembered Indogene, he realized that Kindzi was hunting and feeding. He tracked Kindzi underground and found her to be cloning Yewll, he told her that he intended to take the Omec in a new direction, away from eating other races and then had her immobilized and sent back to the Tsuroz and into stasis. ("Ostinato in White") He decided to move the Omec to Australia and asked Stahma to come with him as there was nothing left for her in Defiance. After Datak returned alive, Stahma turned him down which angered him. She told him that the Votanis Collective Vice Chancellor Silora Voske had come to Defiance and had invited him to a reception. He agreed to attend and was shocked when Kindzi arrived and stated that she was there to feed. When Nolan shot and killed Voske, T'evgin told Datak to keep Stahma safe. He returned to the mines only for Kindzi to have taken control of the drones and immobilized T'evgin. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above")

Kindzi chained T'evgin up and began draining his blood to weaken him and prevent him from stopping her. He told Kindzi that she should kill him but she refused. Nolan later found T'evgin and began to free him and T'evgin said that it was his fault as he had raised Kindzi to want war and to hunt and to feed. Kindzi arrived and stopped him but Irisa showed up and tossed T'evgin an axe that he used to free himself. He told Nolan and Irisa to leave as this was his fight and then told Kindzi to fight him with honor and not in her second skin. Despite being weakened, he was able to overpower her and hold her down. He gave her a chance to stop, submit to him and return to a sleeper pod on the Tsuroz. She agreed and he forgave her but she then took a knife and stabbed him in the neck. In his weakened state, he died from the attack. Kindzi performed a ritual soon afterwards and consumed T'evgin's heart in the Gapoliraaz Ritual, taking much of his strength. ("Of a Demon in My View", "The Awakening")