Tarr Family

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The Tarr Family is a Castithan family in the Shanje Liro.



The Tarr Family used brute force and wits to establish a powerful business in the town of Defiance. They are undoubtedly one of the key factions there, with some business ties to Varus here in Paradise. With the traditional Castithan family structure in flux, it is up to you to keep the steady supply of good from Paradise to Defiance.

Known members


Datak Tarr was head of the family until Alak Tarr became head. ("Episode Mission:Hide and Seek") In 2047 Stahma Tarr came to the Bay Area to meet with Varus and had a shipment stolen by Raiders. Hiring an ark hunter they attempted to recover the shipment but it was destroyed, forcing Varus to provide another. ("Episode Mission:A Milk Run")