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Terraforming is a process of changing the environment to a completely different one.


Terraformed rock

Terraforming processes alter things at the molecular level and will liquidize soil, infusing it with other nutrients. ("Side Mission:Lay of the Land", "Side Mission:Exceptional Growth") The process will also infuse minerals such as Gulanite into the ground. ("Pursuit:Madera Exploration IV") The process alters the landscape, creating and destroying mountains, changing coasts and reshaping areas. ("Arkfall", "Time Trial:Wasteland Circuit") Terraforming liquidized buildings and re-solidified them into rock formations. ("Side Mission:The Structure in the Structure") Terraforming produced some hybrid animals such as Hellbugs and Pow. ("Intel:Hellbugs") [1]


New York being terraformed

In 3362 BCE, Indogene scientist begin testing terraforming processes on uninhabited moons, which end in failure. In 3317 BCE, they succesfully test terraforming, transforming Casti into a habitable planet. ("World of 2046: Timeline of the Future") The United Nations was to vote on whether to allow the Votans to use it on their colonies. ("U.N. Grants Aliens Territory in Brazil") When the Arks were destroyed and pieces rained down on Earth, thousands of Terra-spires were released and began activating. Mountains disappeared, coastlines crumbled and new environments began to form. ("Arkfall", "Loading screen") New plant and animal life was also created, including Hellbugs. ("Adjusting to Life on New Earth", "Intel:Hellbugs") A terraformed earth shell covered the city of St. Louis, hardening before crushing most of the city. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") A terraforming blast occurred at the Battle of Defiance, destroying the attacking Human and Votan armies. This was done by the Defiant Few who activated a terra-spire underneath Fort Defiance. ("Loading screen", "Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness")

Karl Von Bach created the TX-105 Terra-Bomb to test out terraforming technology but it went off while being transported, destroying the city of Buffalo. [2] Von Bach intended to activate a terra-spire in order to learn how to undo the terraforming done to Earth. ("Main Mission:Into the Depths") Nim Shondu activated the terra-spire under San Francisco, intending to use it to re-terraform the Bay Area and kill off Humans, however he was stopped. ("Main Mission:Defiance") Some terraforming munitions were stored at Presidio Bunker which were going to be used by Melak Vor in an attack. Echelon mercenaries working with him began to suffer and die when handling them. ("Main Mission:Aftermath: The Passion of Melak Vor") The Kaziri activated the Ark Modules in orbit and released their terra-spires, using the Terraspheres inside to terraform New York City. ("All Things Must Pass") Belize was terraformed by the Kaziri as well. ("I Almost Prayed")