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 Technographic information





Power source

Caeruleum Cores

A Terrasphere is a Votan terraforming technology.


Caeruleum Cores are the power source used inside terraspheres. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 18") Terraspheres contain alien DNA to be used in terraforming. They are contained within Terra-spires. [1] A Libera Nova Gem can be inserted into a spire to remove a Terrasphere. ("Pilot")


During the Pale Wars, an Indogene scientist used a cluster of terraspheres to destroy the country of Kenya. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 21") Two Terraspheres were sealed in the NORAD bunker. ("Mission 05: Unlock the NORAD Vault") A human bought a corrupted terrasphere from Kraagikaji which was taken by Nim Shondu. ("Data Recorder:Subject HM38") Joshua Nolan and Irisa Nyira used a Libera Nova Gem to remove a Terrasphere from a spire. They planned to sell it to the Earth Republic for 3 million Scrip. Nolan had to hide the sphere in the woods, burying it to keep it safe. He later retrieved it but instead gave it to the town of Defiance where the Indogene Dr. Meh Yewll reconfigured it to create a directed blast and destroy a Volge army headed to the town. The core burned out afterwards. ("Pilot") An ark hunter inadvertently allowed Melak Vor to gain access to NORAD and claim the two Terraspheres inside. ("Mission 05: Unlock the NORAD Vault")

Melak sent one of the terraspheres east while he took the other west. ("Mission 07: Survive a Votan Ambush") The terrasphere arrived in Defiance where it was going to be used to destroy the town, but the plot was revealed to the E-Reps and the terrasphere was recovered. ("Mission 09: Rebuild A Radio Box") Irisa stole the Terrasphere from the Defiance E-Rep Field Office but it was recovered. She later sent Tommy Lasalle to steal it and she used it to repower the Kaziri. ("Bottom Of The World") Camden Pace's ark hunter stopped Melak Vor from using the Terrasphere in San Francisco. ("Mission 12: Save San Francisco") The Kaziri released the Terra-spires stil in orbit and used the terraspheres inside to terraform New York City. ("All Things Must Pass") More terraspheres were used to terraform Belize and others were set to terraform the rest of the planet. Their terraforming beams were redirected into orbit, where they destroyed most of the Ark Belt. ("I Almost Prayed")