The Cast Against Assimilation

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The Cast Against Assimilation is an article from the Defiance News.


My fellow Votans: Castithan and Indogene, Irathient and Sensoth, Liberata and Gulanee. Our leaders would have you believe that a new day has dawned. That peaceful co-existence with the humans is not only possible, but also an inevitable step toward a united future.

This is a lie.

The truth is, now is a dark time for the Collective, fraught with perils. I am here to tell you, my brothers and sisters, that compromising our most sacred values is the single greatest mistake we could ever make. For a people who have struggled so bravely and endured so much, to turn our back on the very thing that makes us unique—our own heritage—will inevitably lead to our demise.

You may say: “But the very foundation of the Votanis Collective itself is tolerance!”

It’s true that the six races united at a time of great need. We set aside our differences and banded together for a common cause. But we are a people forged by circumstance. We share in the loss of our home. None of us would dream of stamping out that which makes the other races unique, no more than we’d allow them to do the same to us. That’s because we all understand just how important it is to cling to our heritage.

Many of you will point to the recent “success story” of peaceful integration heralded by the human media, a small community in North America called Tranquility, where humans and Votans have decided to live side-by-side. They say Tranquility is the spirit of cooperation. I say it is an attempt to subjugate us. Other “utopias” are in the planning stages, including one in Yosemite Valley, suggesting a widespread plot to ensnare and brainwash our people. Here’s a sample from their pamphlet extolling the virtues of their “grand experiment”:

“Yosemite Valley will provide an open community where humans and Votans can work together to foster a better understanding of each other. Come bask in nature’s glory— seven square miles of pristine forest nestled in the shadow of Halfdome. Enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities in a gentle place where humans and aliens can live in peace. Come share your stories over a campfire, and together we’ll build a future as bright as the stars in the sky.”

The stars indeed! Are they blind? What of the Votanis System? Do they not realize that every time we look at the sky, we’re looking into the graveyard of the billions left behind? No. We will not hike their scenic trails. We will not sing along to their folk music or eat their granola. This is a plot by the humans to expunge our very identity. Many of you were forced to leave family behind. Do not disrespect their memory by accepting a false paradise.

“But the Earth is their home. We are only guests here.”

Yes, it is true. We are not the indigenous people of this planet. Our leaders tell us that it’s a miracle we’ve come this far. That these humans have shown more generosity and kindness than we have any right to expect from them, and that we should be grateful. But grateful for what, I ask you? For the malevolent glares that greet us on the streets? For hateful graffiti? Or a savage beating in a back alley?

Yes, the human government has been quite benevolent, providing us with the colonies of Sulos, Omec, and Irath. Still, what are these but ghettos? The Earth governments will not grant us citizenship. They will not allow us to explore and settle as free people. They cage us like animals for one reason alone: to control us. They claim our terraformers are dangerous machines that could wreak havoc upon their ecosystem. What they really mean is that they despise all things Votan and won’t allow our culture to spread.

They’ve even poisoned our leaders. Onulu Toruku is nothing more than a puppet for the United Nations, bowing like a kwofo and giving in to their every whim. We’ve opened our borders to them when they will not do the same for us. One might argue that all we’ve managed is to show our hand. How long before Toruku opens the gates and lets the sabre wolves into our homes to devour our young?

“Then maybe we should admit defeat. Find another planet to settle.”

The exodus took hundreds of years of planning and the combined effort of six different races. We do not have the resources to try again. And we’ll get no help from the humans. Anyone who believes they’ll provide us with the necessities to carry on is a bangga.

And why should we leave? We were forced to do so once already. We’ve sacrificed enough. We must think of our brothers and sisters in hypersleep—the ones still aboard the Arks in orbit. They cannot speak for themselves, so we must speak for them. We are clearly superior to the humans in every way. They should be thanking us for what we’ve shared with them—our technology, our culture. It is time we asserted our rights. Earth is our destiny. Do not be swayed by this talk of integration. We must fight for the purity of our people. Eshkizhiwa ki hivizhiwa ksa.