The Crater

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The Crater

 Loctional information


Marin, Bay Area



 Societal information

Controlled by

Soleptor Enterprises

The Crater is a trading post and bar located in Marin.


The Crater is located near the border between Marin and Madera, 290 meters south of Ridgecrest Mine and 450 meters to the east of Towers Quarry. The bar has an outdoor area. Next to the bar are two large tanks and an area to the back has several small lodging buildings. A Soleptor Enterprises Vendor is located here.

Known drinks


The Coburns played a gig at the Crater on August 25. The VBI Ark Hunter, Begbie and Drifter arrived here for a drink. ("Live Action Trailer") Joshua Nolan, Irisa Nyira and an ark hunter met Varus Soleptor here to take on a job. ("Episode Mission:The Searchers") The ark hunter was later send to find Nolan and Irisa after they took Varus' property. ("Episode Mission:The Departed") Jon Cooper went to the Crater to try to find Fallon McNeil. ("Main Mission:Hell of a Day") Cooper later returned with Karl Von Bach and an ark hunter to confront Varus about the Ark-Matrix. ("Main Mission:Safe No More") The ark hunter went back to confront Varus again about the location of an Ark-Cell. ("Main Mission:Ulterior Motives") An ark hunter met with Varus here and was introduced to Stahma Tarr. ("Episode Mission:A Milk Run")