The Palace of Fine Arts

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The Palace of Fine Arts

 Loctional information


San Francisco, United States of America



The Palace of Fine Arts, briefly known as Fort Defiance, was a building in San Francisco in the United States of America.


A Terra-spire ended up buried beneath the Palace during Arkfall. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness") Refugees moved into the Palace, putting up barricades on the rotunda. The Iron Demons arrived to get them to leave but they refused so the soldiers remained to protect them. Members of the Ekaru Kome arrived but after a Castithan woman was killed trying to cross the battlefield, a ceasefire occured and the Ekaru Kome helped bring her body and her baby inside. The Battle of Defiance took place here when the rest of the Iron Demons and the Ekaru Kome arrived, ending with the Palace remaining and the refugees saved. ("Journal of Renee Kirby")