This Woman's Work

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This Woman's Work is the sixth episode of Season 2 of Defiance.


Nolan and Pottinger head out to lead a team to take control of a crashed Ark Module and come face-to-face with a Gulanee soldier. Stahma finds herself at accused by the Castithan religious leaders.



2030, Adreno, Amarillo, Arkfall, Barbie, Bertie, Bioman, Caeruleum Core, Casti Ceamoth V, Castithan, Castithan Cleansing ceremony, Copenhagen Slaughter, Dakota Reach, Darby Building, Defiance, Earth Republic, Flatslap, Fort Adams, Fort Adams Ark Recovery Team, Gateway Arch, Gulanee, Gulanee Containment cylinder, Gulanee vessel, Hailer, Indogene Numbers, Internet, Janus Club, Juárez, Kastíthanu, Kaziri, Kongeaen Creek, Kyerupavo, Liberata Tung, Lyle, Mag-Lev, Mars, Miner Eye, Mueller, NeedWant, New York City, Nok-seed, Nok-seed Stew, Orbital Object 29-AL, Poker, Pow, Pulse Rebounder, Roller, Sabre wolf, Scotch, Scotland, Shanje Liro, Stahma's mother, Tarr's Emporium of Chance, Tarr Residence, Terrasphere, Texas, Venga Moss Dip, Venus, Von Bach Industries, Votan, Winnipeg Free Republic


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Cultural allusions


  • An Arkfall in the Bay Area contained a Gulanee who activated a communication device to call down others in its battle unit still in the Ark Belt.
  • The EGO code for this episode was "Powertech". It awarded a Powertech Lock Box.