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Tommy Lasalle

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Dewshane Williams

"You're good for Irisa. You're good for the town."
- Joshua Nolan - Doll Parts

Corporal Tommy Lasalle was a male Human and a member of the Earth Republic Army.


Early life

Tommy was born in a Votan prisoner-of-war camp during the early days of the Pale Wars. The camp was liberated by the Earth Military Coalition and he and his mother bounced from military base to military base. His mother died when he was 7 years old. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 10") Tommy arrived in Defiance sometime before 2039 and attempted to cheat at cards at the NeedWant. He was caught by Hunter Bell but he didn't hurt Tommy, instead taking him to Lawkeeper Garret Clancy saying that Tommy needed a place to live and a job. In 2039 Tommy began working as a deputy under Clancy when Bell went missing. Tommy found a single drop of blood at the NeedWant and believed that Bell had been killed but Clancy believed that he had skipped town so as not pay his debts. ("The Bride Wore Black")

Deputy Lawkeeper

When Clancy brought in two people from outside town, Tommy was set to watch them in the clinic. When Clancy was accidentally killed, Tommy volunteered to look for the person who killed Luke McCawley but others didn't think he could do it and was instead sent to watch Irisa Nyira. He told her about his past and she revealed to him that Joshua Nolan had saved her by killing her parents. When a Volge army was headed for Defiance he joined in with the defense of the town. Irisa was knocked off a bike during the battle and almost killed but Tommy arrived in time to save her. ("Pilot") During a Castithan Cleansing ceremony for Elah Bandik, Irisa attempted to free him and Tommy had to step in. He declared that Bandik was under arrest for loitering instead. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go")

When the Irathient Rynn, drew a Hellbug nest to Defiance, Tommy joined Nolan, Irisa and Sukar to track it down and destroy it. ("The Devil In The Dark") Noticing Irisa acting strangely, Tommy followed her to find that she had kidnapped a Castithan man and was torturing him. She handcuffed Tommy and told him that the man was the one who had tortured her as a child as part of his Alakta cult and she was trying to get him to confess. Tommy told Irisa that she may be wrong and to let the man go. When the man confessed and wanted Irisa to kill him as part of the ritual she went through, Irisa instead decided to let him go. Once Tommy was released he attacked the man for what he had done to her. She later asked him why he had done that and he hinted at his feelings for her. The two ended up having sex. ("The Serpent's Egg")

Tommy tried to start a relationship with Irisa but she resisted. ("Brothers In Arms") When a Razor rain storm hit Defiance, Tommy ran a team to deal with emergency repairs and had to run out into the storm to grab a man out there. He ended up being hit by shrapnel and badly wounded. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") Tommy and Irisa began spending lots of time together, so much that Nolan asked Tommy if there was anything he wanted to tell him. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times") After Hunter Bell's body is found inside a wall at the NeedWant, Tommy wants to continue to investigate but Nolan feels that too much time has passed Tommy gets help from Irisa and they find a Liberata whisker at the crime scene that leads them to the bartender Jered Kikema who has also been killed. With Jered killed in what looks like a Castithan hit, Datak Tarr is brought in by Nolan but released so that he can hopefully lead them to the real killer; Tommy is annoyed that Nolan didn't tell him what he was trying to do. When at the wedding of Alak Tarr and Christie McCawley, Nolan realizes that Jered had been killed by Nicolette Riordon. ("The Bride Wore Black")

Tommy asked Irisa to marry him but she declined stating that she was different and would only end up hurting him. ("All Things Must Pass") When Tommy and Irisa are having sex, Irisa loses all feeling in her legs and Tommy has to call Nolan. ("Past Is Prologue") After Datak revealed parts of Nolan's past in order to win his election against Amanda Rosewater, Tommy said that it wasn't right that he was forced to quit. Nolan told him to tell people that Amanda had instead fired him. He and Nolan had to track down Irisa, finding her with the other Irathients. When Echelon mercenaries arrived, Tommy told them they didn't have jurisdiction to be here but they took his weapon and detained him with the Irathients. After they found Irisa and left, Tommy went with Nolan and Rynn to rescue her. ("Everything Is Broken")


Tommy was promoted to Lawkeeper when the Earth Republic took control of Defiance. He began a relationship with Jessica Rainier. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah", "In My Secret Life") He was shocked when Irisa and Nolan came back and he had to stop Sgt. Frei Poole from handling Irisa as she was being arrested. When a Shrill Bomb went off in the market, Tommy was on the scene and was annoyed when Amanda wanted Nolan to take point on the crime as he was now Lawkeeper. Nolan told Tommy to go and watch Irisa. When Irisa kissed him, he stopped her and said that he had moved on and she revealed that there was something inside her making her do bad things. ("In My Secret Life")

When Bertie went missing, Tommy found Nolan looking through Irisa's things after she disappeared and wasn't responding to calls and he said that Nolan was a bully and just took whatever he wanted. When Nolan found Liberata blood on Irisa's gloves, Tommy said that it wasn't possible that Irisa had hurt Bertie. ("The Cord And The Ax") When Berlin told Tommy that she saw the way he and Irisa looked at each other and Tommy reassured her that he really wanted Nolan and Irisa on the next land coach out of town. He recognized a bootprint of Gulanite dust on a dead E-Rep soldier but Nolan wiped it off and said that it was dirt. Tommy told provisional mayor Niles Pottinger about the bootprint. ("Beasts Of Burden") Tommy believed that Rafe was being punished appropriately, by losing his house for harboring Josef Mirch. He was guarding Amanda after she had been attacked and was sent to look into someone maybe being outside and when he came back in, Amanda who was hallucinating, knocked him over the head. ("Put The Damage On")

Corporal with the E-Rep

Fed up with Nolan, Tommy quit being a deputy and joined the E-Reps, planning to transfer to Texas with Berlin. He followed Irisa to tell her he was leaving when he saw her attack a Casti Businessman. She told him that they needed to hide him away until he awoke but Tommy discovered that he was dead. Despite this he helped Irisa who told him that there was something inside her causing her to attack people. When the man awoke and was unharmed, Irisa made Tommy promise not to tell anyone. He told Berlin that he needed to stay to help Irisa and when Berlin said that she would help as well, Tommy told her she needed to stay far away from Irisa. She was fed up with Irisa, so she ended her relationship with Tommy. ("This Woman's Work")

Tommy was recruited into the E-Reps with the rank of Corporal. He helped Berlin interview Stahma over Mahsuvus Gorath. Stahma implied that Berlin smelled like Nolan so Tommy later asked her if she and Nolan were dating; Berlin said that they were just having lots of sex. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem") Tommy confronted Nolan about sleeping with Berlin and when Nolan goaded him into hitting him, Tommy punched him. ("Painted From Memory") Irisa told Tommy that the Votans she had infected had done something to her and she needed him to steal a Terrasphere so a doctor could cure her. He brought it to her only for her to infect him as well. ("Bottom Of The World")

He found Nolan around the camp but soon the Kaziri nanites inside him were purged due to him being human. Nolan told him that he was there to stop Irisa using some Positronic charges, so he led Nolan into camp as a prisoner. When Nolan was going to fight Sukar, Tommy placed the charges around the tent. They disabled the Kaziri inside of everyone and he and Nolan grabbed Irisa and left. During the trip, Irisa awoke and disabled the roller. Tommy tried to get Irisa to stop, saying that he loved her but she said that the Irisa he knew was gone. She stabbed him in the stomach and left him to die. Nolan awoke and put together a sled to drag Tommy back to Defiance. ("Doll Parts") He told Nolan about Mordecai Haipern, who Irisa had told her followers to kill if he came around. He later thanked Nolan for trying to save him. As they approached the Stasis Net, Tommy passed away. ("All Things Must Pass")