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Torc Mok

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"I've seen a lot of life lost and snuffed out my fair share."
- Torc Mok - Data Recorder:The Day After Defiance

Torc Mok is a male Sensoth, a former member of the Ekaru Kome, a member of the Defiant Few and the owner and operator of Headlands Transit.


Early life

Torc has been a soldier since he was young and has been responsible for a lot of loss of life. ("Data Recorder:The Day After Defiance") He began using a unique Rocket Launcher which he named ROXI. ("Loading screen") In December 2030 Torc led a unit of the Ekaru Kome into San Francisco but after a brief skirmish with members of the Iron Demons at The Palace of Fine Arts, where a Castithan woman holding a baby was killed, Torc and his men joined members of the Iron Demons inside the Palace. Deciding to protect the civilians inside, Torc and the others fought against both of their fellow soldiers during the Battle of Defiance. With no option left to them, they activated a Terra-spire buried underneath them, wiping out both armies. his soldiers decided to join the members of the Iron Demons to protect the refugees living in the Palace. After the Battle of Defiance, he helped pulled Renee Kirby and a Castithan baby out of the rubble. ("Journal of Renee Kirby", "Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness")

The day after the battle, Torc made the decision to never lift a weapon against a living thing every again. ("Data Recorder:The Day After Defiance") Around 2036 he started Headlands Transit in Sausalito and was asked, along with Jon Cooper, to be Lawkeeper of Paradise. Torc refused as he did not want to have to commit violence again. ("Data Recorder:Meeting with Jon and Torc") His decision sat heavily on him as he had to turn down both Cooper and Ara Shondu. ("Data Recorder:Charge Blade to the Gut") Around 2046 he was confronted by Santana Murphy, leader of some Raiders, who told him that they would be coming by to take what they wanted. ("Data Recorder:Raiders Don't Do Business") Torc was visited by the VBI Ark Hunter, along with Begbie and Drifter and after hearing about their exploits, provided them with new weapons, even demonstrating them on some attacking Scrappers. ("Vanishing Commodities")

Violence again

Cooper brought Karl Von Bach and an ark hunter to see him, wanting his help against Dark Matter. Torc grew angry that Cooper was trying to rope him back into violence but agreed anyway as long as they helped him rescue ranchers at Miwok Ranch. ("Main Mission:Old Friends, Old Swords") He then wanted help to take out the Raiders at Verdant Ridge. ("Main Mission:Lend a Hand") Returning to Von Bach, they found Dark Matter soldiers and had to fight them and Raiders off from attacking Headlands Transit Depot. ("Main Mission:Strange Bedfellows") Torc told Cooper that he always knew deep down that he would have to use ROXI again. He wanted an end to the local Raiders so they went to Point Bonita Refinery to take out Santana Murphy. Torc fired ROXI at Murphy, obliterating him. ("Main Mission:Cut Off the Head...")

Finding out that the Raiders had control of a Nova-Strike Orbital Defense System, Torc went with Cooper and the ark hunter to claim it. Fighting through the bunker, Torc was talked through hacking the Nova-Strike by Von Bach. ("Main Mission:Seize the Day, Control the Future") Pushing through to San Francisco, they were ambushed by Nim Shondu and Dark Matter and Nim took the Ark-Core and Ark-Cell that Von Bach had. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness") Preparing an assault on Dark Matter, Torc, Cooper and the ark hunter infiltrated a Dark Matter Base and blew it up; Torc said he always looked back at the explosions he caused. ("Main Mission:The Heart of the Matter") Torc joined Cooper, Cass Ducar and the ark hunter in entering Presidio Bunker to stop Dark Matter. After the battle, Torc offered to buy a drink for the ark hunter. ("Main Mission:Defiance") Torc was hired by Stahma Tarr to transport her back to Defiance. ("Episode Mission:Hidden in Plain Sight")