Uvan Johaar

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Uvan Johaar

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Senior Technician


Von Bach Industries

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Uvan Johaar - List of Appearances

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James Groom

Uvan Johaar is a male Indogene and the Senior Technician of Research and Development for Von Bach Industries.


He once worked for the Votanis Collective. ("Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Local Representation") He was in a video calling for volunteers for an expedition to the Bay Area where he discussed how the Environmental Guardian Online operated. ("VBI Recruitment") He hosted a video where he talked about three of VBI's most powerful weapons. ("VBI Weapons") He was interviewed for a segment for the Frontier Corporation News about VBI. ("VBI Introduction") After Karl Von Bach disappeared, Uvan contacted an ark hunter in the Bay Area to check out some Dark Matter activity. He later forcibly activated the Intel Transmission System in the ark hunter's EGO, much to the anger of the EGO device. ("Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Deadly Traffic")

Uvan sent the ark hunter to destroy some Dark Matter munitions as well as obtain some information on their new weapons. ("Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Observing the Truth") Uvan contacted some people in the Votanis Collective to learn that Dark Matter had kidnapped family members of the Votanis Collective Parliament to try to blackmail them and he sent the ark hunter to rescue them. ("Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Local Representation") He was able to track down Captain Zor, the new leader of Dark Matter and send the ark hunter to stop him from releasing the Biodyne Pathogen and killing lots of humans. ("Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: A Eulogy for Zor") He went missing after the destruction of New York City. ("Vonbachindustries.com")