Vanishing Commodities

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Vanishing Commodities

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March 26, 2013





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Vanishing Commodities is the sixth episode of the Ark Hunter Chronicles.


The VBI Ark Hunter, Begbie and Drifter go to see Torc Mok and recount to him their experiences of the past few days with fighting the Raiders. Torc says they must be coming to him for something special and Begbie tells him how they fought the Motherlode by using a Rocket Launcher to collapse the cave onto it. Torc then shows them off a Guided Rocket Launcher able to shoot around corners and Drifter gets his hands on a high powered sniper rifle. Three Scrapper Helibots come by and Torc shows off a homing grenade by destroying all three of them. The VBI Ark Hunter gets a signal and they all leave.


Guided Rocket Launcher, Motherlode, Raiders, Rocket Launcher, Scrapper Helibot, Scrip


  • The EGO codes "UT7DE0" and "81HABS" are seen in this episode.