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Varus Soleptor

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Varus Soleptor - List of Appearances

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Eric Woolfe

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William Frederick Knight

"Don't judge a plot of land by its topsoil, and get out to the Bay Area to stake your claim before this shifty robber baron owns the entire left coast."
- Weston Marx - Data Recorder:Varus the Robber Baron

Varus Soleptor is a male Liberata and the owner of Soleptor Enterprises.


Early life

Back in the Votanis System, Varus met Dy'Dekuso and was slighted by him in some fashion. ("Data Recorder:Containment Suit") Varus journeyed to Earth aboard the Arks. In 2034 he bought a bunch of land in the Bay Area that people thought was useless but ended up being rich in Gulanite. ("Data Recorder:Varus the Robber Baron") In 2035, Varus was instrumental in founding the community of Paradise in the Bay Area. ("Loading screen") Varus began amassing wealth and power, convincing the miners in the Muir Union Mining Company to work for individual prosperity as opposed to collective prosperity, which helped Varus maintain his wealth. ("Data Recorder:Towers vs. Soleptor")

Varus obtained a Gulanee vessel and let Dy'Dekuso know that he had it, modifying it to trap him inside. With Dekuso captured, Varus put the vessel away in a warehouse on 101 Keys Island. ("Data Recorder:Containment Suit") Ara Shondu came to see Varus about using his resources to extract, refine and transport Petrohol found in Sausalito, Varus wanted full rights to the land but Ara didn't want to force the settlers off. Varus was insistant so Ara wanted 50% of the profits from the endeavour. ("Data Recorder:Petrohol in Sausalito!")

When Jackleg Joe was active in the Bay Area, Varus feared he would be one of his victims and hoped there was some way to get rid of him. ("Intel:Subject VS05V - Session 1") In 2040 when Jackleg Joe was captured, Varus made an announcement in celebration and offered half price drinks at The Crater. ("Intel:Jackleg Joe is Captured") Varus had scans done of neighboring lands, hoping to find resources he could exploit. He learned that the land owned by Waylon Ross had traces of arktech in it. Varus kept this information from Ross and instead took the tech himself, which included an Ark-Matrix and an Ark-Cell. ("Data Recorder:Maderal Mineral Scan", "Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery", "Main Mission:Major Miner Rescue")

"Helping" Von Bach

Varus overheard that Karl Von Bach was looking for an Ark-Matrix and Ark-Cell and offered to sell information on their whereabouts in exchange for help in getting up his mines from Raiders. He sent Von Bach's ark hunter to Split Rock Mine. ("Main Mission:A Faustian Bargain") Varus hired Joshua Nolan, Irisa Nyira and Von Bach's ark hunter to find a Libera Nova Gem, claiming it had been stolen from him. ("Episode Mission:The Searchers") When Nolan and Irisa took the gem and ran, Varus sent the ark hunter to recover it but they got away. ("Episode Mission:The Departed") Varus contacted the leaders of Echelon and put a bounty on Nolan. ("Data Recorder:Nolan's Contract") Jon Cooper accused Varus of organizing a Raider attack on his ranch and revealed he had the Matrix hidden away. When the ark hunter arrived, the Raiders had already taken it. ("Main Mission:Safe No More")

While at Muir Processing Plant, the Ninety-Niners attacked and Varus became trapped. The ark hunter helped to take out the 99ers and rescue Varus. ("Main Mission:Distress Call") Varus said the cell was at Mill Valley Mines and if the ark hunter helped rescue his Echelon mercenaries he could have it. ("Main Mission:Hostile Takeover") Varus again lied, but revealed where the cell was located when threatened. When Jackleg Joe returned and claimed the cell, Varus walked away from the situation. ("Main Mission:Ulterior Motives") Varus agreed to send his Echelon mercenaries to San Francisco to help with the Earth Republic assault on the forces of Dark Matter. He blamed Ara when his mercenaries became trapped but when Ara yelled at him to be quiet, he felt offended and left. ("Main Mission:A Series of Problems")

New Allies

Varus was hired by Stahma Tarr to deliver a shipment but it was stolen by Raiders. ("Episode Mission:A Milk Run") Varus sent an ark hunter to track down who had stolen his supplies. ("Episode Mission:Hide and Seek") He had the ark hunter interrogate the Raider who had stolen his supplies. ("Episode Mission:Hidden in Plain Sight") He learned that Nolan had come back to the Bay Area, and was tracking some slavers. He had his men keep an eye on him with orders to grab him if he tried to leave. ("Intel:Tracking the Tracker") Varus received word that Nolan was in AngelArc and went down there to confront him. His men captured Nolan but Irisa arrived and helped him overpower Varus' men. Nolan headbutted and knocked out Varus. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah")