Vegas Island Penal Colony

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Vegas Island Penal Colony

 Loctional information


Vegas Badlands, North America



Vegas Island Penal Colony, also known as Vegas Island Prison or Vegas Island Penitentiary, is a prison in the Vegas Badlands in North America. [1]


The prison is surrounded by fifty-foot walls, guards and automated turrets. Around that is a swamp-like environment infested with mines and a ring of active volcanoes. ("World of 2047: 2047 Map")

Known locations


The prison was founded by EMC Colonel Lance Mashiko, head of the Black Watch, and his lieutenant Jonah Keller. The pair decided to not join the Earth Republic but instead converted the Mandalay Bay casino complex into a for-profit prison. The prison maintains outposts in Yuma and Sacramento. ("World of 2047: 2047 Map") Keller later resigned his position and joined Echelon. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 5") Cass Ducar was sent here by Echelon after she came looking for Melak Vor. ("Mission 09: Rebuild A Radio Box") An ark hunter broke in and freed Cass. ("Mission 10: Break Into The Vegas Prison") The members of Team Evil broke out of the "psycho ward" in the prison in 2047. [2]